February 13, 2016

9 Ridiculously Awesome Home Gaming Rooms

So, you think playing Xbox 360 on your new plasma screen TV is pretty sweet? Think again. These ridiculously awesome home gaming rooms make your set up look like a Sega Genesis on a 12 inch black and white. Sit back, relax, and learn what a real home gaming room should look like.

9. T-Pain’s House

I’m not the biggest T-Pain fan, but I am a fan of the rapper’s taste in home decor (at least when it comes to his game room). Aside from the pool table, he has an assortment of full-sized arcade games. I’m not sure if it’s “the most pimp game room,” as the singer claims. But all and all, it’s pretty bad ass, assuming the games haven’t already been repossessed. (Source)

8. Greg Free’s Retro Room

Greg Free of Columbus, OH has set up an awesome home arcade. While T-Pain might go for more current titles, Greg has opted for a decidedly retro feel with classic titles such as “Spy Hunter,” “Joust,” and “Q*bert,” just to name a few. A classic pool table rounds out the room. (Source)

7. Home Race Simulator

Technically, this entry isn’t a game room or a personal arcade. But if you manage to get this thing in any room in your house, it should at least get an honorable mention. It beats the hell out of an old “Asteroids” machine any day of the week.

6. Luna City Arcade

One can be forgiven for thinking the Luna City Arcade was open to the public. After all, it’s a two-story 2400-square-foot structure with over 60 arcade games and a slew of video-game memorabilia. However, it’s actually part of a private residence owned by my new hero, Peter Hirschberg. Those looking for violent video games might be disappointed to learn that Hirschberg steers away from fighting and shooter games in order to keep the collection family friendly. But with all these classic games to choose from, I doubt anyone lucky enough to visit would walk away disappointed. (Source)

5. Terry Shaw’s Lost Arcade

Terry Shaw didn’t have a game room. His entire home was a shrine to video games, with over $500,000 invested in games and game-related memorabilia. Tragically, Shaw’s entire collection was lost in a fire in 2009. According to Shaw, insurance companies refused to insure the property because they didn’t know where to begin estimating the value, meaning he was left with only the clothes on his back. Although if comments left on Youtube are to be believed (which they always are), Shaw is attempting to rebuild. Best of luck.

4. Barry Even’s Gaming Barn

It’s hard not to admire Barry Evens and his dedication to building his own personal arcade in his own back yard. At least that’s the case until he pulls out the Sonic the Hedge Hog Boys Underwear. That’s a little creepy. But hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess.

3. The Greatest Show On Earth

Jeremy Kipnis spent $6 million dollars on his home theater. What did he get for all that money? For starters, a ginormous 18-foot screen. And what good would a screen of that size be without a sound system to match, including 16 subwoofers, 8 tower speakers, 10 tweeters, and 3 center channel speakers, all powered by a group of 35 amps. Of course aside from watching movies, Kipnis uses the system to play his PS3. After imagining the sensory overload that must occur, it’s no wonder he refers to his system as “The Greatest Show On Earth.” (Source)

2. The Playboy Mansion Game Room

To be honest, the games included in the Playboy Mansion’s world-renowned game room aren’t really that impressive. But there’s just something about the location that speaks to gamers.

1. Your New Home Arcade

After reading this list, you’re probably itching to build your own home arcade. But chances are, you don’t have the space or the money to sink into such a venture. Well, while researching this list, I found this bad ass option: C-MACC’s all-in one gaming cabinet. The unit is shaped like an old-school arcade cabinet, but it’s designed to hold/play every video game system known to man. Basically, it’s a entire home arcade in one unit. And no, we aren’t getting paid to promote this. I just think it’s awesome.