February 8, 2016

13 Ridiculously Cool Examples of Beer Bottle Art

If you’re anything like me, when you’re finished drinking a beer, you just chuck the empty bottle at the nearest stray cat. Well, not everyone is normal. Some people like to take their empty bottles and turn them into works of art. Sometimes, there are practical applications. Other times, it’s purely aesthetic. But regardless of the functionality, the following 13 examples are ridiculously cool.

13. Beer Bottle Tower

This 20 foot beer bottle tower is part of “Beer City” at Truckhenge, a grassroots folk art project located in Topeka, KA. Considering the amount of tornadoes that hit Kansas, I’m not really sure I’d want to be within five miles of this bad boy during a storm. (Source)

12. Beer Bottle Lounge Chair

Beautiful and functional, this beer bottle lounging chair is the perfect addition to any deck, patio, or hobo squatters camp.

11. Beer Goggles

Urban Spectacles of Chicago, IL, turns old beer bottles into actual beer goggles. Once the custom lenses are installed, you’ll have a fully functional pair of glasses made from recycled glass. You’ll also be crowned King of the Hipster Douche Bags. Even so, they do look pretty cool in the pictures. (Source)

10. Beer Bottle Tree

This is a beer bottle tree. I couldn’t find much information on it. But honestly, what do you need to know? It looks cool. That is all. Move along to the next item.

9. Beer Christmas Tree
china beer bottle tree

This beautiful Christmas tree is comprised of a thousand bottles, and was on display in Shanghai, China. I don’t think most people celebrate Christmas in China, but any excuse is good enough to celebrate beer. (Source)

8. Beer Bottle Bowling Trophy

What better way to commemorate your accomplishments on the bowling lanes than with the Signature Series Tyler Wheaton Beer Bottle Award. Retailing for $129.95 from Alpha Creations of Mesa, AZ, this unique trophy is the perfect way to tell your drinking team they have a bowling problem. (Source)

7. Beer Bottle Chandelier

This beer bottle chandelier is perfect for your mansion (a.k.a. your double-wide). (Source)

6. Beer Bottle Owl

While you can’t tell from the picture, this owl, which is comprised mainly of chicken wire and bottles, is about as tall as an average man. But unlike an average man, their are speakers inserted into the owl’s eyes so it can play music. That’s a little creepy. (Source)

5. Beer Bottle Temple

Buddhist monks in Thailand’s Sisaket province used a million green and brown beer bottles in the construction of the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple. Bottles were used in the floors, the walls, and even the bathrooms. (Source)

4. Bottle Chapel

Martin Sanchez built his own beer bottle “temple” of sorts in Riverside, California. I wonder if it’s up to code on Earthquake safety? I’m guessing no.

3. Bottle Ceiling

The Adelaide “bottle” boutique features this lovely ceiling made from recycled bottles. It resides in Australia, a country known for its love of beer. (Source)

2. Beet Bottle Water Heater

OK, I’m not sure this qualifies as “art,” but it was too awesome to leave off the list. Chinese farmer Ma Yanjun from Qiqiao village, Shaanxi province, invented this solar-powered water heater out of discarded beer bottles and hosepipes. The water slowly passes through the bottles, and by the time it reaches the bathroom, it is hot enough to use for a shower. Ma Yanjun said he created the heater because his mom wanted her showers to be more comfortable. When my mom complained about her cold shower, I put her in a nursing home. (Source)

1. Beer Bottle Dragon

This bad ass dragon was created using refuse that washed out into the Danube river delta, including beer bottles. It was made to raise awareness of pollution in the river. Now you are aware. Hooray! (Source)