February 7, 2016

Sculptor Creates “The Great Wall of Vagina”

UK-based sculptor Jamie McCartney made what he calls “The Great Wall of Vagina”, exhibited at the Brighton Festival Fringe. The entire sculpture consists of 400 plaster casts of vaginas with whom the artist personally had sex with. If that doesn’t spell “classy,” I don’t know what does.

The artist explains:

Vulvas and labia are as different as a faces and many people, particularly women, don’t seem to know that… showing the variety of shapes is endlessly fascinating, empowering and comforting. For many women their genitals are a source of shame rather than pride and this piece seeks to redress the balance, showing that everyone is different and everyone is normal.

He expects us to believe that the wall is a celebration of the vagina. Celebratory though it may be, it looks like little more than a monument to the artist’s sexual conquests.

Source: Regretsy