February 13, 2016

Tibetan Mastiff’s and 11 Other Insanely Huge Dog Breeds

Man’s Best Friend comes in all shapes and sizes. But without a doubt the coolest dogs are the giants, the ones so big you have no choice but to turn your head and stare when you see one passing on the street. So let’s celebrate the awesomeness of humongous dogs by having a look at the 12 Largest Dog Breeds. Some of these pooches make the list because they’re insanely tall. Others make the list because they’re insanely heavy. And, of course, some make the list because they’re both. No matter what, they’re all impressive.

12. Dogue de Bordeaux (A.K.A. French Mastiff)

Height: 24 – 28”
Weight: 110 – 150lbs
Home Country: France
Claim to Fame: played “Hooch” in Tom Hanks film, Turner and Hooch
Characteristics: calm, loyal, patient, sociable, gentle, fearless

11. Mioritic Sheepdog

Height: 27 – 29”
Weight: 120 – 150lbs
Home Country: Romania
Interests: guarding livestock in the Carpathian Mountains
Characteristics: alert, disciplined, dominant, courageous, suspicious of strangers

10. Caucasian Shepherd

Height: 28 – 30”
Weight: 120 – 150lbs
Home Country: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia
Hobbies: guarding everything
Characteristics: brave, alert, strong-willed, very suspicious of strangers, difficult to tame

9. Anatolian Shepherd

Height: 29”+
Weight: 110 – 150lbs
Home Country: Turkey
Interests: mauling strangers who threaten whatever I am protecting
Characteristics: smart, loyal, possessive, suspicious, protective, dominant

8. Leonberger

Height: 29”+
Weight: 120 – 170lbs
Home Country: Germany
Trivia: bred to look like a lion
Characteristics: patient, intelligent, calm, loving, affectionate, brave

7. Neapolitan Mastiff

Height: 26 – 31”
Weight: 140 – 160lbs
Home Country: Italy
Fun Fact: bred from Tibetan Mastiff by Romans for use in war and specatcal
Characteristics: affectionate, calm, peaceful, loving, intelligent, protective, serious

6. Tibetan Mastiff

Height: 26”+
Weight: 140 – 180lbs
Home Country: duh
Claim to Fame: most ancient of dog breeds, known to exist as early as 300 B.C.
Characteristics: courageous, fearless, calm, loyal, loving, skeptical of strangers

5. Newfoundland

Height: 30”+
Weight: 155 – 175lbs
Home Country: Canada
Hobbies: hauling in fishing nets, swimming boat lines to shore, retrieving things
Characteristics: sweet, courageous, peaceful, loyal, gentle in defense of family

4. Irish Wolf Hound

Height: 32”+
Weight: 120 – 135lbs
Home Country: guess
About me: on average, the tallest (floor to shoulders) of all dog breeds
Characteristics: sweet, patient, friendly with strangers

3. Great Dane

Height: 30”+
Weight: 135 – 150
Home Country: not Denmark, but Germany
Famous GDs: Marmaduke, Scooby-Doo
Characteristics: gentle, playful, patient, affectionate, tendency to sit on laps

2. St. Bernard

Height: 27”+
Weight: 130 – 180lbs
Home Country: Switzerland, Italy
Fun Fact: formerly used as rescue dog in French/Italian Alps, locating avalanche victims
Characteristics: gentle, friendly, tolerant, slow, intelligent, obedient

1. English Mastiff

Height: 30”+
Weight: 170 – 200
Home Country: England
Hobbies: drooling, dominating, being huge
Characteristics: often peaceful, quiet, calm, territorial, gentle defender, dominant