February 14, 2016

Woman Unable to Close Her Eyes Due to Failed Plastic Surgery

A bad case of plastic surgery can cause facial deformities. In the case of one woman living in New Jersey, a recent plastic surgery operation has affected her ability to close her eyes.

Marilyn Leisz of New Jersey is suing plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Parker for negligence for his “eyes-stuck-wide-open” surgery. Speaking to CBS, the woman bemoaned her inability to do any of the things she loves doing, like tennis, racquetball, swimming, horseback riding, gardening and getting around like a normal human being.

The woman went to see the doctor to perform an operation on her eyelids, correct bumps on the surface of her skin. She claims she wasn’t warned of the risks by the negligent doctor and another doctor later told her that she wouldn’t have been a good candidate for the surgery because she had other procedures done on her that would’ve impacted the outcome—a fact now evident in her inability to close her eyes.

Because she can’t close or blink her eyes, she has to use gel at night and a vaporizer so she doesn’t scratch her eyes. She is also losing her eyesight.

Source: CBS News