February 9, 2016

9 Weird Examples of Yoda Fan Art

The Star Wars saga is one of the best-known stories in modern Western folklore. And the first half of it, at least, is also one of the best-loved. Consequently, it has inspired innumerable expressions of geeked-out fanaticism—everything from dressing up as characters to go see the films in theaters, to painting pictures reinterpreting famous scenes, to writing entire novels whose plots pick up where the films left off. But none of the themes or characters from the Star Wars franchise has inspired as much utterly weird and bizarre fan art as that little green Jedi Master, Yoda. For whatever reason—maybe because he manages to be both cute and creepy, frail and powerful?—when people latch on to him and let their imaginations run wild, we end up with some pretty strange stuff. To prove my point, check this list out: 9 Weird Examples of Yoda Fan Art

9. Delicious, Yoda Pizza Is

Here at #9 on the list of weird Yoda fan art is a pretty awesome pizza with Yoda’s likeness fleshed out in green peppers, black olives, and mushrooms. They had to take a picture because, let’s face it, this artwork probably got eaten pretty quick. Actually, on second thought, maybe it didn’t get scarfed down right away. You’d have to really like black olives and green peppers to want a slice of this ‘za, right? So when you think about it, whoever made this must have been a pretty big fan of Yoda if they were willing to either eat this thing or, even worse, just waste a perfectly good pizza.

8. Crocheted Luke and Yoda Doll

This one is just a real work of geekish love, for sure. I can’t even estimate how many hours it must have taken to either make this doll from scratch, or else come up with a pattern and then make it. Either way, that’s devotion. I watched my mom crochet as a kid, and even plain, flat blankets looked difficult to make. She never even tried something as complicated as a Luke Skywalker and Yoda doll. That’s nuts. The best part, though, is that the finished product is pretty cute.

7. Velvet Yoda Painting

Back in the day, it became popular for rabid fans of Elvis to create paintings of their beloved King on black velvet. Why? Because black velvet was both classy and sexy, of course. If you have a crazy old spinster aunt who’s a huge Elvis fan, she probably has one either in her basement or a spare bedroom. Here we have a piece of Yoda fan art riffing on that old theme, taking inspiration from the original army of super-fans. And the result is absolutely breathtaking, isn’t it? “All shook up am I.”

6. Sand Sculpture: Yoda on Vader’s Lap

What’s weird about this Yoda fan art is not the fact that it’s a sand sculpture. If you’re gonna make a sand sculpture, you have to make it look like something, and a recognizable character from a universally known film franchise is as good a choice of subject as any. No, what makes this example bizarre is the fact that Yoda is chilling on Darth Vader’s lap like he’s telling the most evil dude in the galaxy what he wants for Christmas.

5. Yoda and Douglass MacArthur

This piece of Yoda fan art is by photographer Danil Polevoy. He’s a genuine serious photographer/artist guy. This image is part of a series of photoshoped pictures that apparently make some kind of political statement or statements I am not keen enough to discern. (See, he replaced U.S. WWII general Douglass MacArthur’s head with the head of a Nazi-esque Star Wars storm trooper head. Statement!) But none of that’s important. What is important is that this is an awesomely weird artistic tribute to Yoda.


4. Yoda-gami

I don’t know what this Yoda origami is made out of, but it is a pretty accurate recreation of the little green Jedi Muppet. You can’t quite tell the scale of this little origami sculpture, but judging by the texture of the material, it’s probably pretty small. This must have taken a lot of time to perfect, so hopefully whoever made this has found a way to make a living out of origami. Otherwise, you know, they might be homeless.

3. Weird Al Yankovic’s “Yoda”

Here you have a video that combines two pieces of Yoda fan art into one. First you have the song by Weird Al from the mid-1980s, in which he takes the classic song “Lola” by the Kinks and turns it into “Yoda.” Pure brilliance. Then you have some awesome stop-motion animation by a Lego enthusiast to create an unofficial video. The finished product seems to be a tribute to both Yoda and Weird Al.

2. Butter Yoda

If you’ve ever been to a state fair, or maybe even a country fair—okay, hell, any kind of fair—then chances are you’ve seen a butter sculpture exhibit put on by local dairy farmers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the gist of it: they get a bunch of local artists, put them behind glass in a giant refrigerated room, and have them make amazing sculptures out of butter, the whole point of which is to get the public thinking, “dude, butter is amazing, let’s go buy some!” Anyway, this butter sculpture of Yoda is pretty amazing. Sadly, the artist responsible for this awesome work of Yoda fan art was probably sued for copyright infringement by Lucasfilm, Ltd.

1. Yoda Olympia

Take a good, long, 10 second look at this disturbing image. Now, tell me it won’t pop into your head the next time to watch Star Wars. You’re welcome! In case you were wondering, the original painting that good old Yoda was photoshoped into is a famous work by French painter Édouard Manet. It’s called “Olympia,” and it was painted in 1863. I think the version with Yoda is better.