February 8, 2016

11 Amazing Home Aquariums

I’ve never really been keen on fish or aquariums, so I’m not sure what led me to do today’s list of cool fish tanks. But to be honest, now that I’ve seen just how potentially awesome fish tanks can be, I sort of want one. I still won’t get one, of course, because I’m too lazy to take care of it. I’m just a big fan of the idea of having a fish tank. In any case, as usual, the order of this list was determined by a scientifically rigorous method and the results of indisputable. So read on, and be amazed.

11. Wall-Mounted Half Fishbowl

Our list of amazing home aquariums starts out with a concept so simple yet so ingenious that it makes me want to go out and buy a fish right now. I mean, it takes your fish and its habitat and transforms them into art that hangs on your wall. Also, a nice space-saver. And all for only $15. What a deal.


10. Head-Shaped Fish Tank

This lovely fish tank really makes you think, doesn’t it? Okay, that was brutal, I know. But seriously folks, this tank is the work of artist Nicola L., who specialized in what she calls “functional art.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be available for retail purchase, but I’m sure if you send the artist an email making a reasonable offer you can take this beauty off her hands. I mean, she’s gotta eat, right?


9. R2D2 Aquarium

I would have liked for this aquarium to appear higher up on the list, because it is the epitome of geeky awesomeness. However, the reviews on petco.com were anything buy glowing. The consensus seemed to be that it was a “workable” tank, but kind of a pain with respect to maintenance. At $80, it may be only for the most die-hard Star Wars fan.


8. Local River Plant Aquarium

People don’t usually keep aquariums for the purpose of sustenance, but there’s always an exception to the rule. These aquariums become their own little ecosystem with the plants purifying the water inhabited by the fish. And then you can eat everything! So, it looks cool and it feeds you. That’s what they call “bang for your buck”—not to imply that you can buy this yet. It’s still just a design concept.


7. Aquarium Bathtub

If you’re swimming with the fishes, it means you pissed off a mobster. If you’re bathing with the fishes, though, it means you have some serious dough to throw around on luxurious home furnishings. Because this bathtub rings up at $14,500. Yes, that’s fourteen thousand five hundred. It certainly is beautiful, but I think I might be a bit creeped out knowing the fish are sitting there watching me clean my junk.


6. Aquarium Sink

Now here’s a bathroom fixture I would feel more comfortable with. Also, relative to the aquarium bathtub, the aquarium sink is much more affordable. It’s only $4,700. And if you’re wondering how you feed the fish, the soap dishes on either side of the basin pop out.


5. Telephone Booth Aquarium

I know I set out to do a list of amazing household aquariums, and this one is outside. But there’s no reason why you couldn’t put this in your house, assuming it suits your style. Regardless, it’s just a great idea. I mean, now that cell phones are ubiquitous, what else are phone booths good for? This particular phone booth aquarium was created by Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino for a public art festival in Lyon, France.


4. Infinity Aquarium

According to designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Tamamoto, “the repetitive geometrical shape of Infinity Aquarium creates a visual metaphor to life in the fish bowl…[and] scales down a vast concept of time and space.” Okay then. So it’s a philosophical aquarium. I like it. But alas, it’s still just a concept.


3. The Fish Highway

The very same laws of physics that make drinking straws work keep the water inside the elevated fish tunnel between the two aquariums of the “Fish Highway.” To get water into the tunnel, a vacuum is created which sucks water up through the aquariums. As long as you don’t break the seal, letting air back in, the water stays in place, and the fish can swim through it. Don’t ask me to explain it any better than that, because it’s been a while since my high school physics class. Just trust me: it works, and it’s amazing.


2. Silverfish Aquarium by Octopus Studios

You have to admit the 230 litter “Silverfish” is one sweet aquarium. If you have $6,000 to spare, it would make an excellent conversation piece suitable for almost any home. I think it would look great in my double wide.


1. Zero Edge Aquarium

What I love about this aquarium is that is looks like a giant cube. In reality, it is just a seamless glass box with no lid. The water flows over the top, down along all four sides, into an overflow channel, and then onto a filtration system to be purified and pumped back in. In other words, it’s not just an aquarium, it’s a fountain. Thing is, you will have to get fish that aren’t fond of jumping, or else you’ll probably experience a drastic increase your aquatic suicide rate.