February 8, 2016

9 Most Expensive Homes in the United States

With the sale of the Spelling mansion in Bel-Air for the paltry sum of $85 million, it failed to become the most expensive single residence sale in US history. Considering the house was initially offered for $150 million, that’s a hit. However, it led us to wonder what kind of company a 56,000 square foot house like this keeps. So, let’s take a look at the 9 most expensive houses in the US, based on either appraisal or recent sale price.

9. Three Ponds Farm – Bridgehamption, NY – $68 million

At one time considered the most expensive house in America, it has since slipped, but still impresses in jaw-dropping fashion. Built on 60 acres and featuring an 18-hole golf course, it took three architects to put this thing together. The landscaping includes countless gardens and sanctuaries. And if it gets a little warm in the Hamptons, you really don’t need the beach when you have a 75-foot pool. Plus, the grass tennis court will keep you sharp for Wimbledon.

8. 1016 Madison Avenue – Manhattan, NY – $72 million

This townhouse, while “only” comprising 12,000 square feet, spans 7 narrow-ish floor plates. A central staircase and elevator run the height of the building, giving this place a feel more akin to an upscale office building more than a warm home. Of the 22 rooms contained therein, 10 are bedrooms, so you can host some pretty sick slumber parties up in this piece.

7. Porcupine Creek – Rancho Mirage, CA – $75 million

One of many ridiculous estate names we will see on this list, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not even a porcupine on site. The property has been for sale as a distressed asset since 2010, but hasn’t yet found a taker. This California oasis has a 19-hole golf course on site (because 18-hole courses are for poor people). The 25,000 square foot residence also boasts the usual pool, grotto, gym, media room, and all the other things regular people can’t afford.

6. Former Julius Forstman House – Manhattan, NY – $75 million

Makes sense that the most expensive city in the US would have more than one of the most expensive houses. This upper east side address off of 5th Avenue sprawls over 21,000 square feet. While most houses on this list pride themselves on state-of-the-art construction, this house’s claim to fame is its collection of original design and fixtures from the house’s original construction back in 1922. Of course, with mortgage payments of almost $200,000 per month, this house probably only appeals to a certain type of person.

5. Humming Bird Nest Ranch – Simi Valley, CA – $75 million

This place not only has the distinction of being the fifth most expensive house in the country, but also has the worst, lamest name of any house ever. Interesting little dichotomy. This giant ranch sits on 123 acres and features parking for 200 cars. Just in case 200 or more people wanted to go to Simi Valley for some reason. In addition to the main residences, the property also boasts 10 townhouses, which is odd because you normally don’t see townhouses on a ranch. And it wouldn’t be a ridiculous mansion without a helipad, would it?

4. Kaiser Estate – Honolulu, HI – $80 million

Finally, an island paradise makes an appearance on the list. Originally owned by industrialist William Kaiser, this property doesn’t need an impressive former owner to distinguish itself. The 15,000 square foot house sits on five acres in the form of three adjacent lots, all boasting ocean frontages. Should the people in the house be terribly grating, one can retire to the boathouse, which comes in at 12,000 square feet, essentially functioning as a second residence on the property. And for the water toys, there exists a private marina to store and deploy your various jetskis and whatnot.

3. Spelling Manor – Bel-Air, CA – $88 million

This property has the crazy distinction of being the largest house in Beverly Hills, coming in at over 55,000 square feet and situated on 4.6 expensive, expensive acres of land. It’s known to have parking for 100 cars, in case you want to invite over a few friends to watch Survivor. Although no official room count exists, former owner Candy Spelling, widow of TV mogul Aaron Spelling, claims that the count runs to the triple digits, but you’ve gotta have a serious number of rooms when some of them include a gift-wrapping suite, private barber shop, and private spa. It was recently purchased by 22 year-old (!) Petra Ecclestone for $88 million. I never had anything that nice when I was a college senior.

2. Tranquility Estate – Lake Tahoe, NV – $100 million

The “house that Hilfiger bought” is owned by Tommy Hilfiger brand co-owner Joel Horowitz in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Situated on a whopping 210 acres, the property comes in at “only” 20,000 square feet, but it’s more about what’s around the property than what’s in it. Namely, a private golf course and boathouse on the lake itself. However, lest you think they skimped on the interior, the house features a full-scale replica of the staircase on the Titanic. Cause you need these things.

1. Fleur de Lys – Beverly Hills, CA – $125 million

Just down the road from Spelling Manor in Beverly Hills is this smaller, but by no accounts small, mansion modeled on the Palace of Versailles. At 35,000 square feet, it can safely be described as “spacious.” Further, it may be more ornate than any other house on this list, not only containing a huge parking garage and 50-person screening room, but also boasting leather walls embossed with real gold. You know. For when company comes over. Leather — not just for furniture any more.