February 14, 2016

9 Bizarre Car Wrecks

bizarre car wrecks
There are some people in this world who have a knack for getting into crazy car wrecks. Sometimes they just fall asleep at the wheel and end with with a metal pipe lodged in their head. Other times they just throw a chicken bone out the window and cause a four car pileup. The point is, when these people get behind the wheel, you better watch out.

Today we bring you a list of 9 more spectacularly bizarre car wrecks. If you know anyone who has ever gotten themselves into a situation like one of these, you probably ought to avoid riding in a car with them while they are driving. They either have terrible luck, or very poor driving skills.

9. No Cars Go
car stuck on a footbridge
Apparently, whoever was driving this car failed to realize that this footbridge is not wide enough to accommodate his or her vehicle. However, it’s kind of impressive that the driver was somehow able to get the car on its side and through those two concrete pillars.

By the way, the title of this entry is a reference to an Arcade Fire Song and not just random gibberish. Congratulations if you knew that: you’re one of the cool kids (that people actually hate because you’re a pretentious music snob).

8. Bad parking job
bad parking job
To be honest, I have no idea how this was even physically possible to achieve. I mean, the silver car couldn’t have come down the stairs, because it would have had to turn the corner somehow to get into that position. Maybe the two cars pulled up at the same time parallel to each other, and the silver one hit that wall and flipped up, getting pinned by the Jeep. Your guess is as good as mine.

7. Drive-through house
car crashed through garage
Okay, it’s obvious what happened here. Whoever was pulling into the garage hit the gas instead of the accelerator and went right through the back wall and into the back yard. The question is, is this covered by your homeowner’s insurance or your car insurance?

6. Car stuck…in the power lines?
car stuck in power lines
This is another pure WTF situation. How does a car get stuck in power lines? And how are these power lines strong enough to support an entire automobile, while a little sleet can knock out the power of the entire Eastern seaboard? There are just no end to the mysteries with this one.

5. Look out for the fighter jet
car run over by jet
Normally when there’s a car collision, one of the first questions you want to answer is, “who’s to blame?” However, when a car collides with a fighter jet, I think it’s safe to assume that, 99.9% of the time, the person driving the car is responsible.

Luckily this is a police cruiser and not a civilian automobile. Could you imagine how much your insurance premiums would go up after your agent gets the repair bill for a multimillion dollar fighter jet?

4. I’m on a boat
i'm on a boat car crashes onto boat
I’m sure there’s probably a good explanation for this one. Someone may have had a seizure while driving, or the breaks failed—something like that. Nevertheless, I prefer to imagine this as the handiwork of a woman scorned. For example, maybe a wife discovered her husband was cheating on her, so she drove her car into his beloved boat.

3. Jammed in a revolving door
car in revolving door
I think this list could be turned into a game called “Drunk, Sick, or Incompetent,” where you would get points for correctly guessing the cause of the accident.

In this case, I think I’d go with drunk. That fact that the driver managed to wedge the car so precisely into the revolving makes it seem like this was just a really bad drunk idea.

2. Warning: Giant Soccer Balls
car giant soccer ball
Clearly, there was a giant soccer ball on the top of the building, and it came lose. Hopefully, no one was in the the car at the time. But of course, this just underlines what I’ve been saying for years: when are we going to wake up and ban giant soccer balls from being placed on the roofs of buildings?

1. Parking nightmare
impossible car crash
I realize that, at first glance, this car wreck doesn’t look as wacky as some of the others on this list. But when you really look at it and then think for a moment, you start to wonder: how in God’s name did this happen, especially given the fact that the BMW right next to the two mangled vehicles seems to be completely unscathed? Hopefully they can salvage those sweet rims from the car on top.