September 22, 2014

9 Outrageously Awful Neck Ties

Neck Ties

People used to get dressed up to do just about anything outside the house. If you see pictures of baseball games from the 40s and 50s, you’ll notice all the women in the stands are wearing dresses and hats, while all the men are wearing ties. Same thing at the airport. Same at the big […]

9 Disturbingly Ugly Dogs


One popular pick-up method for guys is walking a dog. However, if your dog was as ugly as any of these mutts, I think most girls would either vomit in their mouths or run away crying. Yeah, life is sad for ugly dogs, except that they have their own “beauty” pageant of sorts: the infamous, […]

Picture of the Day: The $99 Million ATM Receipt


Hedge fund manager David Tepper left behind this ATM receipt. I’m not sure why you’d have almost a hundred million dollars in a savings account, but maybe it’s just walking around money to Tepper. Someone needs to introduce him to some more exotic investments. Like CDs or low growth mutual funds. WHOO RISKY! More likely […]

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Transformers


The Autobots and Decepticons will wage war on earth once again this summer in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. In the spirit of transparency – what with Optimus Prime so upset that humans lied to them! – we’re declassifying a bunch of information about our transforming, alien friends. Here are a few facts you may […]

The Craziest Zoo In The World (Gallery)


The Lujan Zoo in Argentina offers a unique experience among world zoos. Visitors begin by signing a waiver agreeing not to hold the zoo responsible if they are eaten during their visit, and things only get stranger from there. The zoo is near Buenos Aires and primarily focuses on allowing guests to have up close […]

Picture of the Day: Captured


Missing pet posters are pretty commonplace, but frustratingly you never get a resolution. This owner’s nice enough to provide an update on his missing companion, as the cat in question look on, wistfully remembering his all too brief time as a free feline.

Mexican Shell House (Gallery)

Shell House01

This shell house was built in Naucalpan, Mexico by architect Javier Senosiana in 2006. Senosiana is a lover of organic shapes, and none of the angles in the house are acute, which helps to create a kind of living atmosphere. The house is made of concrete and reinforced by steel mesh wire. A family with […]

Picture of the Day: Respecting Authority


Doing drugs on the hood of a police car is probably the apex of being a crack whore. There’s really nowhere to go from here but down, unfortunately.

13 Insanely Weird Bikinis


Tuesday was officially the first day of summer. And if you’re like me, this is one of your favorite days of the year. Of course, you can say you’re glad summer is finally here because you love barbecues, or because you can’t wait to hit the pool, or beach, or what have you. But let’s […]

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Batman


Batman has been around since 1939, but judging by box office returns, DVD sales, and the kids who come knocking on my door at Halloween, the caped crusader is just hitting his prime. For whatever reason, the story of a grown man who dresses up like a flying mammal to fight crime really resonates with […]