February 11, 2016

Dogs vs. Sprinklers (Gallery)

Dog vs Sprinkler01

This is one of my favorite photo galleries we’ve done here at Oddball Daily, and very appropriate as get into the heart of summer. Here are 20 dogs facing off against the arch nemesis lurking in many a dog’s backyard: the sprinkler.

Picture of the Day: Revenge For The Cone Of Shame


Dogs always look so guilty anyway when they’ve been bad, add in the cone and this is the most pitiful thing you will see all day. It’s actually sort of impressive that a dog could do so much damage with that on his head. So kudos for that. If you enjoyed this, check out another […]

Dune Living (Gallery)

Dune House01

I’m fascinated by unconventional housing, and this certainly fits the bill. Architect William Morgan built this house on Florida’s Atlantic Coast in 1975. His goal was to preserve the surrounding beauty, so he built the house inside of the dunes. The house has won numerous awards over the decades, and was recently up for sale. […]

Picture of the Day: Sensitive Fiance


Subtle. Something tells me this marriage might not be one that stands the test of time. Or this guy is just braindead and didn’t realize what shirt he picked out for his engagement photo, but I kind of refuse to believe he’s that dumb. I mean he looks pretty yokel-ish, but that’s going to another […]

Then and Now (Gallery)

Then and Now01

I think as everyone gets older they start to feel as if the passage of time speeds up. It’s particularly evident when you look old pictures that don’t feel terribly long ago and compare the changes in yourselves and the people (and animals and fashions, etc.) around you. Take a look at these pictures as […]

Picture of the Day: Stuck in the Middle


Kids have all sorts of bad ideas, what with being kids and all, chief among them weird spatial recognition that often sees them getting their heads and arms caught in plastic chairs (this has happened to nearly everyone I think.) Presumably this kid isn’t in quite that bad of a predicament, as I’m guessing an […]

103 Room London Mansion For Sale (Gallery)

London Mansion01

This suburban London house just recently hit the market, and the asking price is over $120 million. The house has 103 rooms (24 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms), and includes a 50 seat theater, a bowling alley, gym, wine cellar, and an eight car underground garage. Also a safe room, because you know. Have to have […]

Pet Destruction (Gallery)

Pet Destruction01

The entire point of getting a dog or cat is to have a loving companion that will act as a stress reliever, an animal that you will enjoy spending time with. Hopefully obedient, loyal, and loving. That’s why it’s so exhausting when you actually get that puppy or kitten and find out that they fiend […]

Picture of the Day: Left Out


This is actually why I love dogs, because they will make friends with anything and everyone. This dog and raccoon clearly have a common cause, both seem to want in the house (for different reasons I’m sure), and they’re both willing to look as cute as possible to make it happen. How can you resist? […]

Makeup Is Magic (Gallery)


Makeup is a magical thing that nearly all women need more of, no matter how much you might hear people try to claim that women are more beautiful “natural”. This is garbage and everyone knows it, it’s just not nice to say. Most people are ugly. That’s not me talking, that’s science. Don’t believe me? […]