February 11, 2016

City at the End of the World (9 Pics)


How would you like to step out your front door and fall 100 feet into the rough waters below? This city was built on the edge of a cliff with hardly any room to maneuver around the close-knit houses. It seems dangerous to raise children in this hazardous neighborhood. At least they probably won’t fear […]

Photos of Native Americans (20 Pics)


These photographs provide a view into another world. Taken in the late 1800s and early 1900s, they offer insights into the lives of Native Americans.

A Castle Made of Matches (4 Pics)


Bulgarian artist Plamen Ignatov devoted six years of his life to meticulously construct this replica of the Rila Monastery, one of Bulgaria’s most important monuments. It was made with 6 million matches and other kinds of wood and gems.

Crop Circle Mazes (8 Pics)


There’s a farm known as “Fritzler’s Maze”. It’s a field of crops that changes into new images every year. Glen and Pam Fritzler operate the maze farm in LaSalle, Colorado, where they open it to visitors for 7 weeks each autumn. If you get lost you have to live on corn husks until you find […]

Suspension Bridge Walking (6 Pics)


This is the Capilano suspension bridge. You can find it in North Vancouver, Canada, as 800,000 other people do each year to walk across a thin swaying path that leads through the high canopy of the forest. Please don’t jump up and down on the bridge.

10 Conan Titles


Every episode of Conan begins with a title card. Here are 10 of the good ones.

7 Perfect Moments with Animals


Humans are not the only animals with a range of personality and weirdness. All kinds of interactions happen every day in the animal kingdom. Sometimes they clash and sometimes they create harmony.

Breast Implants Behind the Scenes (10 Pics)


If you ever wanted to see what’s behind certain skins, now’s your chance. Breast implants are manufactured, molded and shaped into different sizes before they are shipped off to be surgically inserted into people.

Population: One (6 Pics)


There are places in the world with a total population of one single person. The kings and queens of empty lands. A single road travels in and out. The town meetings involve a lot of talking to oneself back and forth.

Creatures from the Snow (9 Pics)


Freshly fallen snow is like a sandbox waiting to be molded into a landscape of creatures. Things that creep behind tall snowbanks and disappear into the white. Until you step too close and suddenly you realize you’re not alone. It’s not a snow angel. It’s looking at you with blank eyes and all you can […]