February 14, 2016

The Universe in Eyes (11 Pics)


Suren Manvelyan uses macrophotography to show the depth and complexity in the eyes of different animals. Each one has a unique shape and landscape of features that seems impossibly intricate. The universe is in the eyes.

WTF is Happening? (8 Pics)


You woke up today with a peculiar feeling. Something odd is happening in the world. Did you cross over into a parallel existence or did everyone else? If you can figure out what’s going on you will find the answer. Good luck.

5 Funny Inspirational Quotes


Sometimes you just need a mood boost through the power of quotation. Here are five quotes that will make you feel better about your insignificance. Or maybe just make you laugh. What’s the difference?

Actors Gaining Weight for the Role (7 Pics)


Only the best actors dedicate themselves to overeating for a role. They pack on the pounds to better fit the director’s vision and fully embody the character. The hard part is shedding the weight after filming. I’m still waiting for the actor that progressively goes after heavier and heavier roles over the course of their […]

7 Temporary Tattoos


Temp tats are a way to express your creativity on your body without waking up 30 years later covered in tribal ink. These are some interesting ideas for tattoos, but at the end of the day they wash off and tomorrow can be spent with a whole new set of body art. A varying approach […]

The Floor is an Illusion (3 Pics)


Walking around in this store must be a dizzying experience. The lines warp into a black hole every few feet. As you stumble around trying to find a 10-pack of blank CD-Rs, your mind tries to wrap itself around the floor beneath your feet. This is just another day at the Fnac at La Defense […]

Creative Ideas for Products (7 Pics)


Whoever thought of making these things deserves an award for creativity. While these products might not be the most useful or worthwhile, they at least get points for originality and inventiveness. Now the trick is trying to find them available to buy. Then you can amass a horde of quirky items to fill your room.

6 Odd Public Signs


You wouldn’t know what to think or do if you were walking along and saw one of these signs. They almost warn of some bizarre area where the normal rules of logic and nature don’t apply. Or they make you more curious to try doing what the sign forbids. It’s our right to stand on […]

Fixed Messages (6 Pics)


Everyone hates those after-school special types of sayings you see in magazines and commercials. They’re almost always obvious and dull, not to mention cliche. So here are some that have been fixed into something a little better. They make more sense this way. Enjoy the defaced teen drama.

Fightin’ Politicians (9 Pics)


Politics can bring out the deepest rage in a person. Especially when its their job day in, day out to deal with these blowhards. Sometimes it’s all too much and somebody can’t take it anymore. The anger spills forth and a rumble begins. Once the fight starts, everyone answers the call to arms and rushes […]