February 9, 2016

9 Most Expensive (And Daring) Art Heists


For many, myself included, it’s impossible to think of the phrase “art heist” and not conjure up and image of a man in a catsuit dancing over laser alarms, or a sharp dressed man coyly sliding a multi-million-dollar painting into a briefcase, then walking out amongst hundreds of similarly dressed men. A smaller group may […]

A Man Named Dale


A neighborhood in Florida is being terrorized by a violent drunkard. 52-year-old Dale McDaniel is armed with fish and very dangerous. People who live near Dale McDaniel live a life of fear. Neighbors say he chases people down with a chainsaw. He’s described as scary, violent and usually drunk. His yard is covered in trash […]

Driver Shot in Both Legs


A man driving in Tennessee had a handgun hidden under his seat. When he braked for a stoplight, the gun slid out and stopped at his feet. He reached down to pick it up even though it was hard to see. His finger wrapped around the trigger accidentally. The gun fired, a bullet went through […]

Massive Cat Hoarder Bust


In one of the biggest cat hoarding cases in U.S. history, a couple was busted with 692 cats. They are the owners of a place called Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary, even though it was more like a cat death camp. Residents thought they were taking their unwanted cats to a “country club environment”. The couple […]

A Bloated Disguise

The "before" photo

A woman visited a clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand to receive botox treatments in her face. A before photo was taken and then she went in for the treatment. After the injections she fled the clinic and skipped out on the $780 bill. She gave a false name and address to the staff and told […]

Attack of the Nutcracker


A woman was arrested in Palm Bay, Florida for beating her boyfriend with a wooden nutcracker. She did it after an argument about messages on her cell phone. She also slapped him and chomped down on his face. Then she grabbed whatever objects she could find laying around and started attacking him with all of […]

Plastic Highway Wrap


Mischievous teenagers are wreaking havoc in New Jersey. Four kids stretched plastic wrap across the highway right before a motorcyclist drove into it. The plastic was industrial strength, but the biker was not injured by the impact. He didn’t cling to it. Their plan was foiled. These are some dangerous teens driven by boredom. Earlier […]

Nursing Home Pranksters


A couple of California nursing home assistants thought it would be funny to slather dementia patients in slippery oil. So they’d be too slippery for the next shift to handle. Ok, it’s a little funny but only in theory. In reality it’s cruel and kind of sick. They covered seven dementia patients in ointment all […]

Look Out Behind You


A man is sneaking around shopping malls and cutting up womans’ butts. It’s happening at malls in Fairfax County, Virginia. He walks up behind woman shoppers and slices their buttocks with a razor or box cutter. Some of the victims thought they had bumped into a sharp hanger or metal corner before they realized they […]

The Smelly Suspect


A man in Florida was arrested for trespassing at a park he was banned from. Well, police tried to arrest him, but they ran into a problem. The man refused to put his hands behind his back. He pulled away when the officer tried to grab his arm. Then the officer threatened to use his taser. […]