February 10, 2016

The Other Green Lantern Movie


It’s come to light that there might have been a very different Green Lantern movie than the action-packed summer blockbuster that came to theaters last week. Before that version, Robert Smigel wrote a bizarre comedic take on it with Jack Black as the masked hero. The script has an Ikea employee who becomes Green Lantern […]

To Sculpt and Paint with Cabbage (Video)


An artist named Ju Duoqi has been making art out of cabbages and other vegetables for the past five years. She spends hours at the Beijing market picking out cabbages of just the right shade and color to create textured works of art. The many pieces of plant are painstakingly carved into the right size […]

National Planking Day

credit: Jacqui Anderson/Sarah Gottlieb

If you’ve never lied face down on the ground you should try it sometime. It’s all the rage and it’s taking over. Today is National Planking Day, where dozens or even hundreds of plankers will plank down and stare at gravel. It originated in Australia, but I don’t think you can hold something like this […]

Pull Up Your Plants


These clothes are alive. Environmental artist Nicole Dextras creates garments from plants, flowers and weeds. She fashions them into wearable clothing with a time limit. The plants are real and so they will decompose. The collections are meant to be environmental art that is both functional and stylish. It’s also a message about how quickly […]

9 Weird Examples of Yoda Fan Art


The Star Wars saga is one of the best-known stories in modern Western folklore. And the first half of it, at least, is also one of the best-loved. Consequently, it has inspired innumerable expressions of geeked-out fanaticism—everything from dressing up as characters to go see the films in theaters, to painting pictures reinterpreting famous scenes, […]

3D Porn Film Breaks Hong Kong Box Office Records


The world’s first 3D porn film was a smashing success in Hong Kong according to box office sales. The movie broke the first day sales record previously held by Avatar. Titled “3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy”, it earned $360,000 (HK$2.6 million) on opening day. Since being released it has earned over HK$15 million total. […]

Surreal Photos that Defy Gravity (Pic)


Photographer Li Wei has been taking photos of himself and others in surreal positions with different rules of physics than here on Earth. The dream-like images have won him popular acclaim from the public and critics. Some took several months to achieve the final snapshot. He started out as a performance artist and wanted to […]

Murder Among the Dead (Pic)


What could be a more interesting way to spend a night than solving a murder in the creepiest museum in the world? Well, you could add booze to the mix. The Mütter Museum is a medical museum located in the Center City area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Within the old building are collections of all kinds […]

Crazy Girl Sings Japanese Anime Medleys (Video)

Screen shot 2011-04-16 at 3.27.22 AM

An American girl with an obsession for Japanese pop-culture, who goes by the name of “Ruaridoll”, has become something of a YouTube phenomenon after she uploaded dozens of videos of herself singing or dancing to Japanese pop music and anime medleys. The only difference between her and the more well known “MRirian” is that her […]

9 Surprising Stories Behind Famous Rock ‘n’ Roll Lyrics


One of the best things about rock ‘n’ roll—in addition to the sex and drugs, of course—are the sweet, often obscure lyrics. Sometimes they’re political or spiritual, the rockers attempt to get serious; other times they’re just nonsense, the product of dope and booze. The best rock ‘n’ roll lyrics are the mysterious ones. Of […]