February 14, 2016

103 Room London Mansion For Sale (Gallery)

London Mansion01

This suburban London house just recently hit the market, and the asking price is over $120 million. The house has 103 rooms (24 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms), and includes a 50 seat theater, a bowling alley, gym, wine cellar, and an eight car underground garage. Also a safe room, because you know. Have to have […]

Pet Destruction (Gallery)

Pet Destruction01

The entire point of getting a dog or cat is to have a loving companion that will act as a stress reliever, an animal that you will enjoy spending time with. Hopefully obedient, loyal, and loving. That’s why it’s so exhausting when you actually get that puppy or kitten and find out that they fiend […]

Makeup Is Magic (Gallery)


Makeup is a magical thing that nearly all women need more of, no matter how much you might hear people try to claim that women are more beautiful “natural”. This is garbage and everyone knows it, it’s just not nice to say. Most people are ugly. That’s not me talking, that’s science. Don’t believe me? […]

Arm Support (Gallery)

Arm Support01

Everyone has a good side they like to display in photos, and some people take it a step further with a preferred pose or even facial expression. This girl has unfortunately decided that she looks best with her arm looking like it’s supporting her head, and repeats it often enough that you have to start […]

Location, Location, Location (Gallery)

Mountain Cottage01

I personally enjoy living in a city, but some people are only content if their nearest neighbor is miles away. You really can’t get a more secluded location than this cottage located more than 4k meters above sea level. It requires out and out mountaineering to reach, and I’m fairly sure the owner never has […]

The Most Effective Alarm Clock Ever Designed (Gallery)

Alarm Clock01

Everyone’s heard the phrase “time is money”, but this clock makes the saying literal as it runs currency through a shredder if you decide you’d like a few more minutes in bed. I’d use this, but I’d end up completely destitute after shredding all of my cash, and I don’t see the point in letting […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s New House (Gallery)

Mark Zuckerberg House01

Mark Zuckerberg has done a pretty good job of emulating Craig Newmark, the famously wealth averse owner of Craig’s List, in his personal life, always living in relatively modest rented housing, driving a Honda, dressing casually and so forth, but he’s finally settled into Palo Alto and bought himself a house. The new home of […]

30 Bizarre School Pictures (Gallery)

School Picture01

It’s actually pretty rare for anyone to take a good school portrait, but these 30 take it to a new level. This is an awkward time of life for nearly everyone, to some degree, and part of me thinks many kids would just be better off if cameras were outlawed from ages 12 to 18 […]

Silicone Women (Gallery)

Silicone Girls43

One of our most popular post was a post looking at crazy silicone lip injections where we wondered how women could ever think that’s a good idea. Apparently it’s a trend though, because we’ve found dozens more images of women looking ridiculous with huge lips and bodies fashioned almost entirely from silicone. We’re not against […]

11 Horribly Obstructed Sporting Event Seats (Gallery)

Obstructed View01

Just about every sports fan has bought a standing room only ticket at some point in their life, but even that’s preferable to sitting behind a giant metal column, as many older venues force people to do. The seats are usually discounted of course, but are any of these seats really worth any money at […]