February 13, 2016

Flight Attendant Fashion Through The Years (Gallery)


The Museum of Flight in Seattle is currently running an exhibition called “Style in the Aisle”, a look back at flight attendant fashion through the years. Stewardess uniforms have generally reflected the mood of the times, and the colors and design from previous decades are awesome to see. You can clearly tell why flight attendant […]

A Seriously Screwed Up Way To Get A Massage (Gallery)


I actually am not too phobic of snakes, all things considered, but at the same time I do draw the line when it comes to someone dropping a couple of dozen on me while I’m laying on a table naked under a towel. This business is located in Israel and costs $70! The species of […]

Beautiful Leningrad Zoo Concept (Gallery)


The French architectural firm Beckmann N’Thépé and TN Plus recently won a design competition to build their zoo concept in St. Petersburg. The designers have envisioned a series of six islands, each representing a different continent. These images are concept drawings, but show how beautiful and modern the new zoo will look. The Leningrad zoo […]

Incredible Pirate Ship Bedroom (Gallery)


Designer Steve Kuhl of Kuhl Design is looking like the father of the year after building his son an awe inspiring pirate themed bedroom. The room has everything you’d expect with this motif, including a pirate ship hull/clubhouse, a rope bridge to access the hull, nautical accoutrements, a crow’s nest, and best of all a […]

Louis Wain And His Schizophrenic Cats (Gallery)


Louis Wain was an early 20th century artist who probably would have been an internet fav, given that his primary work concerned anthropomorphizing cats. Unfortunately, he began to lose his mental faculties and had a late in life onset of schizophrenia. This is fascinating because his work became increasingly surreal and abstract as he deteriorated. […]

12 Completely Bizarre Urinals (Gallery)


Bathrooms are generally pretty standard affairs. The variations you see are pretty mundane for the most part. Maybe some places have enclosed stalls, some older venues might have a trough instead of urinals. But for the most part it’s white porcelain, all the way. However, some bars and similar locations get more creative with their […]

8 Incredibly Bizarre Bras (Gallery)


I think everyone has seen some odd bras in popular culture over the years, but the underwear we’ve seen Madonna and Lady Gaga in are really just the beginning. There are quite a few DIY’ers making bizarre bras that can be found online, and here are eight examples that really have you scratching your head […]

Auto Polo (Gallery)


Automobile polo was a game played occasionally during the early days of the car. This New York Times article dated July 21, 1912 talks about the first auto polo game being played in Wichita, Kansas with four cars and eight men. There were three ten minute periods, and the game ended in a 1-1 tie. […]

Medieval Town For Sale (Gallery)


For only $550k Euros, you can own six acres of medieval Italian village. The town is called Valle Piola, and the provincial government has put it up for sale because they can’t afford the upkeep. Nobody lives here, and that’s been the case since 1977, so you’ll have plenty of room to enact any medieval […]

The Woman Who Eats Sofas (Gallery)


Pica is a strange disorder that can have people eating anything from their own hair to dirt, but this story is one of the stranger manifestations I’ve ever seen. Adele Edwards, from Bradenton, Florida eats sofas. The stuffing specifically, and she’s made her way through seven couches in the last year. I thought my grocery […]