February 12, 2016

9 Bizarrely Flavored Beers


Normally I try to craft some interesting or charming segue into the introduction of a list (“Summer is upon us,” etc.). Not today. Beer is a constant. There’s no real reason to talk about it, and there’s also no real reason to stop talking about it. Beer simply “is.” But occasionally, beer “is” more than […]

Liquor in Cartons


An odd new packaging for alcohol. A designer known as Jorn from Dusseldorf, Germany, poured liquor into containers resembling everyday milk cartons. It’s sort of an experiment to find out if peoples’ purchases of alcohol are affected by packaging and what they see when they’re drunkenly stumbling through the grocery aisles. The project is called […]

A Hot Dog a Day


July is National Hot Dog month and one man decided to honor that by gobbling one up every day for 31 days. 47-year-old Rob Merlino from Massachusetts used to operate a hot dog stand of his own. Now he’s traveling the local scene and discovering the different dogs out there. For a month he will […]

Mmm, Furniture Polish


A pregnant woman claims to be unable to resist ingesting furniture polish. She’s up to eating it three times a day with no signs of stopping. The woman has been diagnosed with a rare eating disorder where she can’t help but huff cleaning and polishing products. She sprays it on her fingers and licks them. […]

Employee Sends Taco Bell a Message


A Taco Bell employee finally had enough and decided to take off with his dignity. But first he rearranged the letters on the sign out front to send a message to the Taco Bell bigwigs. When he was done the sign read “I quit” with an extra little “Adam, F You” and a smiley-face at […]

This Bratwurst Needs Gummy


Sometimes the line between disgusting and delicious becomes invisible. And that’s when you have a bratwurst covered in gummy bears. A meat market in Hugo, Minnesota is proud to be the only place you can get such a concoction. It started as a joke, but people began to crave the gummy brats. Now they make […]

Fish Discovered Using Tools

photo by Scott Gardner

The first fish to ever use a tool was discovered by a diver. Scott Gardner was exploring underwater in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef when he heard a cracking sound. When he investigated, he saw a blackspot tuskfish using a rock to open a clam. It held the clam in its mouth and hit it against […]

Deep-Fried Kool-Aid, Oh Yeah!

image by Chicken Charlie's

A bizarre snack is becoming a hit at fairs all over America. Chicken Charlie’s is a common booth at many fairgrounds, selling fried chicken and other foods. But they now also serve a hot new item. Fried balls of Kool-Aid. At the San Diego County Fair, thousands of the fried balls were sold over the […]

The Beer Flows Like a River

image from Supplied

The biggest pub in the world makes its home in Brisbane, Australia. Located inside the Eaton Hills Hotel, the 7500-square-meter pub is setting its sights high. If it’s beer you crave, look no further. The place has nine bars and 100 beer taps flowing with all different kinds of brew. But the owners value quality […]

That’s a Lot of Oatmeal


The world’s largest bowl of oatmeal was filled and served to hungry spectators in St. Ansgar, Iowa. It was the main attraction and celebration for part of the first ever Oatmeal Day on June 18. The giant bowl was filled with a mountain of over 1,000 pounds of oatmeal. It took 300 pounds of oatmeal […]