February 11, 2016

Useless Things to Buy (9 Pics)


These are not cool things to buy. These are useless and dumb. Please, if you see any of these things in your travels, do not give money to the merchants selling them. You will regret it for the rest of your life. Instead of buying these, try buying some other things.

Cool Things to Buy (8 Pics)


All of these things are pretty cool. They aren’t useless. You’d like to have them. Maybe you can purchase them if you can find them. Except maybe the tree mansion. But you could build that with enough time and lumber. Everything else you could find in a store somewhere that sells cool things.

9 Cool Product Ideas


You know you need more useless trinkets to place around your home. These are some ideas for cool yet pointless things you might think about buying. They can all be found, but I have no idea what kind of shop they’d be hidden away in.

Old People are Crazy (8 Pics)


Once your face reaches a certain number of wrinkles, you can get away with anything. The older one gets past that point, the easier it is to act completely crazy. Nobody will try to stop the elderly. If they wanted to take over a small country like Vanuatu, they could. But it’s a lot more […]

9 Weird Liquors From Around The World

weird liquors from around the world

Despite all of our differences—ethnic, religious, geographical, political—the one thing that binds us human beings together as a species is our need to get drunk. From the dawn of time, almost every culture all over the world has figured out ingenious and (sometimes) tasty ways to make (and ingest) alcoholic beverages. Today, certain methods for […]

Compact Fold-Up Kitchen (5 Pics)


Do you find yourself wanting more space to frolic and jump rope? Is your sprawling kitchen filling your home with nothing but countertop, sink, stove and cabinets? You might want to look into a compact folding kitchen. Everything is contained in a tiny rectangle of efficient space.

Flight of the Pandas (10 Pics)


Giant Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang were transferred to Britain to live in their new homes at Edinburgh Zoo. They came from the Sichuan province in China. They took a flight on the Panda Express to reach their new place. Tian Tian means ‘Sweetie’ and Yang Guang means ‘Sunlight’.

Red Bull Headquarters (8 Pics)


The new Red Bull Amsterdam headquarters is a crazy mixture of art and architecture. Designed and constructed by Sid Lee Architecture, once you enter you might not want to leave. Even the bathrooms feature mosaics that you can marvel at while you relieve yourself. Many rooms are a funhouse of angular prisms and skewed perspective. […]

12 Creepy Sexual Fetishes

creepy sexual fetishes

According to George Michael, “sex is natural / sex is good / not everybody does it / but everybody should.” Of course, he obviously didn’t have the advantage of reading Oddball Daily’s list of bizarre sexual disorders before he penned his classic tune, “I Want Your Sex.” Also, that bit of wisdom came from a […]

Terrible Hairpieces (7 Pics)


You could spot these toupees miles away. Some of them look like dead muskrats. Others look like other dead animals. In any case, there is a disconnect between what they think it looks like and what others see.