February 7, 2016

12 Insane Showerheads


We human beings have taken all of life’s necessities and turned them into artforms. We don’t just eat any old thing; we have haute cuisine. We don’t just cover our bodies with animal pelts; we have fashion. We don’t just erect shelters; we have architecture. So why should bathing be any different? Why should we […]

Black Ice Slips & Falls Compilation

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 10.39.25 PM

Black ice may be the cause of plenty of injuries, but students at State College, PA used it as an excuse to humor themselves on a day of drinking they call “State Patty’s Day.” Footage of their shenanigans can be seen in a video taken by one of the students, which witnesses dozens of students […]

Balloons Float “Up” House in Real Life

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 10.27.44 PM

A group of Los Angeles-based engineers and artists decided to recreate the floating house from Pixar’s animated film “Up” by attaching a cluster of brightly colored balloons to a 2,000 pound, 16×16 foot yellow brick house. The house, which was constructed for the sole purpose of the event, lacked any foundations that would have tethered […]

China Weighs In On Charlie Sheen: “He is not filial.”


An editor of a Chinese newspaper, the Global Times, weighed in on Charlie Sheen’s recent escapades. He called Sheen’s behavior “a classic example of the difference in Western and Eastern values and norms,” arguing that a person like Sheen couldn’t possibly exist in the East–ignoring the existence of the many Chinese and Japanese celebrities to […]

Middle Schooler Suspended For Opening Door


Get a load of this: in a case of political correctness and school policies gone wrong, a Virginia middle schooler was suspended for opening the door for a woman whose hands were full. “Students are not allowed to open the doors, and if anyone does, they will be suspended,” said Dr. Wayne K. Smith, executive […]

Naked Man Tries to Rescue Imaginary Children from Manhole


A man in the typically boring town of Gilbert, Arizona was pulled from a city manhole after he became stuck 25 feet down a pipe. Police say that the man was attempting to rescue trapped, non-existent children–figments of his own imagination. The man was high on Charlie Sheen, that is to say, loaded with PCP, […]

Snake Bites Female Models Breast (Video)


An Israeli video depicting a girl endowed with very large breasts showed the aforementioned girl playing with what appears to be a tame python, which then (and quite amusingly) clamps its mouth upon one of her breasts. Fortunately, neither the snake nor the woman were injured. Hilarity, however, is certain to be had from watching […]

Sex Toy Demonstration in College Class Causes Controversy


A class taught by Professor John Michael Bailey of Northwestern University caused some amount of controversy after he used a live model to demonstrate the use of a sex toy called the “Fucksaw.” The 600-person course is one of the largest classes taught at the university, although only 120 students attended this particular class. Professor […]

Man’s Plan to Hide Dildos in Sausages for Dubai Trip Foiled


Dubai is notorious for its stringent anti-sex laws, prompting a British man to smuggle sex toys inside a sausage for his trip to the Middle Eastern country. His plan was foiled when staff at a German butcher’s shop discovered that a customer had hidden sex toys in their sausages. A spokesperson for the police in […]