February 10, 2016

Picture of the Day: Purse


We recently took a look at this interesting hair style that featured $1 bills, but this person is stepping up the game with $20s. I see at least $60 in there, which is a fair amount of money, but I’m needing more at this point. Surely someone out there’s a high roller and has glued […]

Picture of the Day: Doing It Wrong Digiorno Style


Nothing about this picture looks appetizing, and I’m not talking about putting cookies on a pizza. I remember when Digiorno first came on the market and promised delivery taste at home. That was an exciting promise they failed to live up to. Bad pizza is often compared to cardboard, but I’m honestly not convinced Digiorno […]

Picture of the Day: A Super Talented Dog


It’s the golden retriever version of Johnny Bench! I actually have a golden retriever and she’ll often hold a ball in her mouth while looking sadly at a second ball trying to figure out how to get both of them at the same time. Apparently she needs to hang out with this dog to learn […]

Picture of the Day: Loving Jon Hamm A Little Too Much


I don’t think I’ve met a woman who doesn’t swoon over Jon Hamm, or at the least his character Don Draper from Mad Men, but this woman is taking it a little far. Hopefully Jon Hamm never ends up in this lady’s house because I’m getting a Kathy Bates in Misery vibe from the picture, […]

Picture of the Day: A Good Reason Not To Leave Your Dog In The Car


Obviously, it’s generally a pretty poor idea to leave a dog in a car for more than a few minutes (and this applies not just to hot weather, but also to cold) for the safety of the dog, but this picture shows another good reason not to do it. You might piss off the dog. […]

Picture of the Day: Snail


Would it shock you to learn this woman is Japanese? No? Alright then. I don’t think I’ll ever understand Japan, a culture that seems so conservative, but also a culture where you can find half naked women dressed up in convincing slutty snail costumes. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just that I don’t […]

Picture of the Day: Incredible Bar Tab


I don’t know if this is legit (a tab this epic getting closed out before midnight?), but if it is you just kind of have to look at it in awe. The “vueve le” is Veuve Clicquot, an expensive French champagne. Retail on a 15 liter bottle of that is $2k, so that’s some nice […]

Picture of the Day: Fire!


If it’s any comfort, I’m going to guess that fire extinguisher is waaaayyy expired anyway, just based on how much priority whoever owns this place seems to give to fire safety. Just from what I’ve seen in my limited experience, this sort of thing is a little more common than the average person realizes. Sadly, […]

Picture of the Day: Magneto Was A Portly Child?


I’m just saying, we should all be wary of this kid, because he’s eventually going to snap and try to teach society a lesson. If he moves to an obscure African island we’ve never heard of, it’s time to get worried. I don’t know if our mutants are currently up to the challenge of stopping […]

Picture of the Day: Guilty


I have a golden retriever who does all the usual golden retrievery things (getting on the counter, treating tissues like they’re heroin, and basically eating everything under the sun), but I honestly can’t say she’s ever done anything as destructive as the photo above. Not really sure what you can do once you reach the […]