February 6, 2016

Picture of the Day: Zip


I’m in awe. If this image is legit this is the most creative thing I think I’ve ever seen someone do with hair. Seriously, no snark here at all. Everyone should be this creative with their personal appearance. This woman needs to be in a Lady Gaga video ASAP. I hope that zipper is made […]

Picture Of The Day: Makeup Fail


I’m not the kind of guy who likes to lie and tell girls they are perfect how they are and beautiful without makeup. By all means, cake it on if you know what you’re doing! Some of you aren’t going to be hot without it. PICK UP THE TROWEL MISSY! Anyway, take Katy Perry as […]

Picture of the Day: This Is A Better Use Of Our Military Dollars


One of the biggest budgetary controversies that gets little airtime in the US media is whether we spend too much on our enormous military. Whenever social services need cutting many on the left think cutting military spending would be a better solution, and even some on the right think cuts should be made so we […]

10 Black And White Pictures That Will Make You Say WTF (Gallery)


Old black and white pictures are something of an enigma. Generally when you see them online they are context free due to the age, and this adds an air of mystery to even the mundane family shots, let alone anything that’s actually strange. People of yesteryear clearly enjoyed taking pictures of odd things just as […]

Picture of the Day: Your Dog Will Love This


Dogs love sticking their heads out of moving cars more than I think I love anything in life, so naturally someone had the thought back in 1936 to just put the entire dog outside of the car. In a sack. Now granted, perhaps cars were moving a little slower then, but it doesn’t seem like […]

20 Incredible Color WWII Photos (Gallery)


Sometimes, for younger generations at least, it seems as if color wasn’t really invented until color television was ubiquitous. Color photographs from the first half of the twentieth century are kind of surreal after a lifetime spent viewing that time period mostly in black and white. Here are 25 of our favorite WWII color photographs […]

Picture of the Day: This Man’s Hair Frightens And Confuses Me


I’m not proud of the fact that the show Hoarders fascinates me, but it does, even despite the fact that I feel mildly ill every time I watch an episode. It feels exploitative of people who are mentally ill, and I know this, and yet I can’t look away. The feelings that show inspires in […]

Picture of the Day: Asian Supper


The demonic looking fish you see above looks to be a great value at $15.99, if you can bring yourself to ignore the enormous soulless eyes. And the teeth. My god, the teeth. According to Wikipedia, the Opah fish is popular in Hawaii, and only 35% of the fish is consumable, the rest being bones […]

Would You Wear These Pants?


There’s something to be said for the DIY spirit on display here, and it’s certainly a colorful getup, but I don’t know if yarn is really enough to keep me warm in the wintertime. No one will ever be as big of a hipster as this guy, so everyone else can stop trying. How about […]

Meet the Ab-Hancer, The Revolutionary Workout Device (Pic)


A new product that claims to revolutionize the exercise industry, and it’s called the “Ab-Hancer”. Like so many fraudulent body-improving devices, the Ab-Hancer propagates itself on the ridiculous belief that you can get results while sitting on your ass. Simply put, the device is a grill with a strap attached to it that leaves the […]