February 8, 2016

Giant Slimy Snail Invasion


A Miami subdivision is under threat of slow, slimy invaders. Giant African snails are growing in numbers and size and are one of the most damaging land snails in the world. The creatures eat 500 different types of plants, lay 1200 eggs per year, and they can carry a strain of meningitis. Each snail lives […]

Matching Romantic Microbes


If you’re looking for romance and the typical dating sites have failed you, maybe the stomach is the solution. A biochemist has co-founded a new dating website called MyMicrobes, a place where people can get matched based on the bacteria in their bodies. Each person is unique all the way down to their gut and […]

Eel Enters Man’s Bladder

Photo: CEN

This would make anyone squeamish. A man decided to bathe in a tub of live eels as a beauty treatment. A similar type of treatment is offered in some London health spas where you can receive fish pedicures. But this guy went all out and jumped in a bath with eels swimming around his naked […]

Tiny Robot Spiders in Your Blood


Who wants to volunteer to be a test subject for this idea? Scientists are developing tiny spider-like machines that can enter the human bloodstream. Once inside, the robots can travel through veins alongside red blood cells to deliver drugs and fix damaged areas of the body. The micro-insects are self-propelled by a molecule that can […]

Hot Beef Injections


Some people will do anything for beauty, no matter how misguided. And sometimes they pay the ultimate price. A woman in Chicago injected hot beef fat directly into her face. The 63-year-old had apparently done similar injections to herself before, but this time it didn’t work so well. She injected the beef around her mouth […]

9 Fastest Land Animals


Remember in grade school when the fastest kid was always the coolest and most popular? Well, if that was the case in the animal kingdom, this list would constitute the animal Rat Pack. Comprised of both the hunters and the hunted, the fastest animals in the world are all “engineered” that way for survival. Starting […]

Saliva of Vampire Bat


A drug made from the saliva of vampire bats may help prevent blood clots and reduce the risk of stroke. The medicine uses the protein in a bat’s spit to thin blood. The saliva works the same way on their prey; thinning the blood and enabling the bat to drink it. This could replace current […]

A Flower 3,000 Years Rare


A convenience store worker in Seoul, South Korea spotted a strange flower blooming in the store window. He recognized it as the legendary udumbara flower, a plant in Buddhism that blooms only once every 3,000 years. The store is a simple Family Mart shop in Mapo-dong, Seoul. The store manager had seen photographs of the […]

Soap vs. Black Evil (Video)


This interesting video was created by artist Kim Pimmel. He grabbed a camera, soap, and some ferrofluid liquid and went to town. The liquids do crazy things when combined. In the words of the artist, “I combined everyday soap bubbles with exotic ferrofluid liquid to create an eerie tale, using macro lenses and time lapse […]

A Whale of a Tooth


A man wore a disguise and stole an 8-foot long whale tooth from a museum in Stavanger, Norway. The thief dressed in a black leather coat and hat and stealthily moved through the museum. He managed to grab the object from the exhibit and walk out of the museum carrying the giant tooth. Outside he […]