February 12, 2016

Two-Headed Cow


A farmer came upon a strange sight in his Oklahoma fields of cattle. He was doing a cow head count for the day when he did a double-take. That cow had one two many heads. There was a two-headed calf laying in the grass. It hadn’t been there the day before. The young cow had […]

A World of Diamond


Astronomers discovered an object resembling a planet 4,000 light years away. It must have been hard to miss because it’s made completely of diamond. The shiny world orbits a dead star called J1719-1438. It has a lot of mass; about as much as Jupiter, but packed into a much smaller size. Astronomers believe it to […]

Race to the Bottom of the Sea


There has been newfound interest in deep sea exploration. Specifically, the lowest underwater depth on Earth. It was done over 50 years ago, but now technology may allow for a more thorough visit. The world’s deepest spot is 36,000 feet below the surface, located near Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Four different crews are building […]

Unnecessary Brain Removal


You wouldn’t think this could ever happen to you. A man was diagnosed with a benign condition that was easily treatable with medication. But due to a mix up with his blood tests, he underwent a biopsy to test his brain tissue near the pituitary gland. An MRI scan had shown abnormalities in that area. […]

Stop, Drop and Rollers


The Iowa State Fair held a record-setting gathering of fire safety enthusiasts. Rows of people wearing red t-shirts stopped, dropped and rolled around on the ground. There were 1,519 people participating in the demonstration. The day also marked the State Fire Marshal’s 100th anniversary. The last record was a measly 602 rolling humans so this […]

Dinosaurs Reborn


Scientists have altered chicken DNA, forming embryos with reptilian snouts instead of bird beaks. The process began when evolutionary biologist Arkhat Abzhanov (a great name for a mad scientist) cut a hole in a chicken egg and dropped a protein inside. In 14 days, the embryo formed an alligator-like snout instead of the usual chicken beak. […]

Stuck in a Tub


A woman in Illinois is suing a walk-in bathtub manufacturer after she became stuck in hers for 30 hours. The second time she tried to use the tub, she fell and was somehow wedged in the front of it. Once she realized she couldn’t get out, she tried to unplug the drain, but the chain […]

Wrongfully Cremated


There was a mishap that resulted in two deceased children being laid to rest using the wrong methods. A Columbus, Ohio coroner’s office employee got mixed up. One child was mistakenly shipped off to a funeral home to be cremated. It was the wrong one. Now the county is paying the family of the wrongfully […]

9 Fastest Dog Breeds


Dogs may be man’s best friend, but many of them could bolt out the door pretty damn quickly if you give them reason to. While most large dogs can outrun a human, the nine breeds listed below are the fastest, with the fastest among them raced for sport. Virtually all the entrants are hunting dogs, […]

Bodysnatching Pandas


A captive-born panda named Little Tao Tao has never seen a human face. The staff are careful not to introduce humans into the environment, since they want Tao Tao to be able to adapt in the wild. So the handlers that take care of him and his mother, Cao Cao, wear panda bear suits at […]