February 5, 2016

Actors Gaining Weight for the Role (7 Pics)


Only the best actors dedicate themselves to overeating for a role. They pack on the pounds to better fit the director’s vision and fully embody the character. The hard part is shedding the weight after filming. I’m still waiting for the actor that progressively goes after heavier and heavier roles over the course of their […]

Celebrities Hanging Out (10 Pics)


Famous people can’t hang out with any old unknowns off the street. Here are some moments capturing actors, artists and musicians coming together to brave this crazy world with a friend. Even if only for a small window of time during a contractual photo shoot. (Note: everything looks cooler in black and white.)

The Actor’s Role (10 Pics)


These actors made incredible transformations to play the roles in these movies. Some of them became unrecognizable and completely gave in to the personality and look of the character. It’s true dedication to the acting craft, along with the work of makeup, costume and visual artists, that we viewers get to enjoy watching. Boris Karloff […]