February 6, 2016

Giant Slimy Snail Invasion


A Miami subdivision is under threat of slow, slimy invaders. Giant African snails are growing in numbers and size and are one of the most damaging land snails in the world. The creatures eat 500 different types of plants, lay 1200 eggs per year, and they can carry a strain of meningitis. Each snail lives […]

Back to Cannibalism


A vegetable farmer in Swaziland murdered his friend after getting into an argument. Then he ate part of the guy. The farmer cut off a section of the friend’s back, about the size of a steak, with the knife he had just used to kill. Then he popped it in the oven and cooked it. […]

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Giraffes


What do we know about giraffes? Unless you’re some sort of zoologist, your knowledge is generally limited to: They’re tall, they have black tongues, and they occasionally sell toys at Toys R Us. Well, there’s more to them than that. These graceful giants are pursued by lions, have hearts built to pump blood up a […]

Giant Monster Rats

photo by Dan Newling

Two babies in South Africa were thought to be killed by giant vicious rats. A 3-year-old girl was bitten and killed in her sleep, and another baby girl was attacked and killed by a similar rat. There have been more than a few sightings of rodents grown far larger than normal in the same area. […]

Burn the Monkey Witch


A South African mob killed a monkey who was accused of being a talking witch. A small vervet monkey wandered into the township of Kasigo outside Johannesburg. Local residents said the creature was visiting places around town and talking to people. So, like anyone would do, they brutally stoned and shot it. But that wasn’t […]

Ritual Sacrifice and a Bloody Chicken


A woman in Pennsylvania is facing child neglect and cruelty charges after making her daughter eat a raw bloody chicken heart as part of an African ritual. The 7-year-old complained of having nightmares to her teacher after she was made to watch a chicken sacrifice and then fed its heart. The mother wanted to ‘protect’ […]

Shape-shifting Monster Comes to Town


A shape-shifting monster is terrorizing a small village in Karoo, a semi-desert region in South Africa. The town is called Steytlerville and rumors are going wild with sightings of the unknown phantasmal creature. The word around town is that “the monster changes shape while you are looking at it.” There have been multiple sightings and […]