February 11, 2016

Man in the Sky (6 Pics)


Human flight has evaded man for decades until now. This guy captures his dreams in the sky as he soars over the world. He’s fashioned a hybrid jetpack with aerodynamic wings. He can fly alongside airplanes and travel the world as Superman would.

Synchronized Floating (Video)


A four-way float in a vertical wind tunnel. I don’t know how they do it, but it looks cool. The floaters are Havard from team Skywalkers, Raph and Ju from Team4Speed, and Alberto representing team Volare. The footage of this synchronized mid-air dance was filmed at the Skydive Arena in Prague. Now just imagine doing that […]

9 Insane Experimental Aircraft That Actually Exist


Up in the air…it’s a bird…it’s an experimental plane…it’s…yeah, it’s an experimental plane. While many of the current aerospace projects are strictly classified, the planes that are both in development and those that have been abandoned represent some very progressive modern thinking and some truly baffling ideas from earlier eras. While some of these planes […]

Pilot Lands at Strip Club

photo by Rick Hall

An investigation is being launched to figure out what the pilot was thinking when he decided to make a stop at a strip club. A witness called in the strange event, at first thinking the plane was crashing. He called 911 reporting that a plane had just crashed into the Le Rendez-Vous Bar. When police […]

One Month for Each Lizard


A man tried to get through airport customs with 15 live lizards strapped to his chest. He was returning to Los Angeles International Airport from Australia when he was searched. Among the assortment of reptiles were two geckos and two monitor lizards. The rest were various smaller types of lizard. All hanging on for dear […]

The Flying Scorpion


No, it’s not an arachnid that grew wings, which would be horrifying in its own right. A scorpion crawled into the passenger cabin of an airplane and hitched a ride to Alaska. One of the passengers, Jeff Ellis, can tell you all about it, because he was stung by the scorpion when he was trying […]

Pilot Falls Asleep and Flies out to Sea


A trainee pilot blacked out behind the controls for 55 minutes while the plane continued to fly itself. He remained unconscious as it flew past his destination airport and traveled over open water in Australia. The young pilot stated that he was feeling hot and having trouble seeing past the glaring sun. He rose to […]

You Shouldn’t Try to Open an Airplane Door during Flight


A jet flying from Houston to Chicago had to make an early landing after a passenger tried to force open an emergency exit door. The plane was in high altitude at the time. The other passengers saw the man walk to the front of the plane and heard shouting. The man was yelling that he […]

Man Attempts Rape, Starts Fight On Plane Flight

Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 11.55.27 PM

A man identified as Brian Louis Pomykala was arrested on a Delta Air Lines flight en route from Paris to Atlanta last Thursday after he allegedly made an attempt to rape the passenger next to him. The woman who was sitting next to him was woken up by him “forcibly fondling and grabbing her face […]