February 13, 2016

Cows Listen to Jazz (Video)


I never knew cows were musically inclined. But these ones seem to enjoy milling around and listening to the soothing sounds of jazz band The New Hot 5. The group was nice enough to play for the herd in Autrans, France. Watch as the cows gather around and creep closer and closer while the band […]

Coyotes Claim Home for Their Own


An abandoned home in Glendale, California has been taken over by wild coyotes. The house was burned and nearly destroyed in a fire last year. The coyotes moved in when they saw that nobody was coming back. They decided to make it their new home and have since been running in and out of the […]

Piglet with Mutant Head


A piglet was born in Guatemala with a strange mutation. It has an almost human-like head and a face that could be in a horror movie. The pig was born in a litter of 11. It was the only one with an oddly shaped head. Health officials state the reason for the mutation is probably […]

Moose Drunk and Stuck in a Tree


A man in Sweden was minding his own business when he heard an odd roar coming from his neighbor’s garden. He went over to investigate and found an impossible situation. A moose was stuck in a tree. It appeared to be drunk on fermented apples. It was struggling in the branches of the tree and […]

Monkey, Dog, Man, Murder


Two men, a dog and a monkey were involved in a murder mystery in Vietnam. The bizarre sequence of events violently played out and left two dead in the aftermath. Can you guess which ones? The first one to go was the dog. Owned by one of the men, it was attacked by a monkey […]

Missing Monkey Head

photo by K. Yasuhara

An 86-year-old woman lost her giant monkey head. The Florida resident became heartbroken after it disappeared. She kept a stone statue of a monkey’s head in her yard for over 50 years. It was about 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall. The sad owner believes someone stole it and wrote a letter offering a […]

Saliva of Vampire Bat


A drug made from the saliva of vampire bats may help prevent blood clots and reduce the risk of stroke. The medicine uses the protein in a bat’s spit to thin blood. The saliva works the same way on their prey; thinning the blood and enabling the bat to drink it. This could replace current […]

Cow Shops for Clothes (Video)


A cow entered a sports clothing store in Austria and began to mosey around the shop. The bovine was caught on security cameras as it wandered through the aisles. People didn’t know what to think as they watched the animal walk past the sunglasses and sales racks. How did it get through the entrance doors? […]

Transylvanian Bats in Class

photo by Tolka Rover

This is exactly what going to school in Transylvania is like in my mind. A high school in the Romanian land was invaded by dozens of bats just as students were sitting down to an exam. The spooky visitors came in through windows left open overnight. Many of them were sleeping and hidden, but when […]

Two-Headed Cow


A farmer came upon a strange sight in his Oklahoma fields of cattle. He was doing a cow head count for the day when he did a double-take. That cow had one two many heads. There was a two-headed calf laying in the grass. It hadn’t been there the day before. The young cow had […]