February 9, 2016

Why So Blue Mr. Lobster?

photo by Karen George

A fisherman caught a bright blue lobster on the North Shore of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Only one in four million lobsters is blue, so it’s a very rare thing to see. The vivid blue shell of the lobster is caused by a genetic mutation. This is the first blue lobster the fisherman, Blair Doucette, […]

Mountain Lion Found in Man’s Garage


California resident Jesse Taylor heard some sounds and things shuffling around in his garage. He went out to investigate thinking it was a small rodent or raccoon. He was in for a bigger surprise. There was a large mountain lion prowling inside looking for food. Mr. Taylor didn’t think he could go toe-to-toe with the […]

Topless Protest for a Parrot

photo: Angie Basdekis

An Australian man’s parrot was taken away by authorities after he was accused of animal abuse. Justin Lawther’s bird is now in protective custody but he really wants it back. Mr. Lawther angered animal lovers when he posted a video on Youtube earlier this year showing his parrot perched outside his car windshield. He drove […]

The Stuffed Animal Scare


A stuffed toy tiger caused panic when someone took it for the real thing and called the police. They spotted it laying in a field near the Rose Bowl cricket grounds in Hampshire, UK. The alert caused quite a stir as people began to hear of the escaped Siberian tiger that was on the loose. […]

Pink Gorilla Bomb Threat (Video)


A giant stuffed pink gorilla was lying on the ground in someone’s front yard in Sacramento. Someone thought it was a dead person and called the cops. The police thought it was a suspicious scene. The pink gorilla was wearing human clothes. They thought, maybe this gorilla has a bomb. So they called in the […]

The Only Rat of its Kind in 113 Years

photo by Lizzie Noble

A species thought to be extinct, the red-crested tree rat, has reappeared after 113 years of absence. One tree rat showed up at a wildlife reserve in Sierra Nevada and caused a lot of excitement. About the same size as a guinea pig, this tree rat is also called the red-crested soft-furred spiny-rat. The last […]

Skeletal Cows Discovered on Farm


A couple is being arrested for keeping their cattle in terrible unsanitary conditions. Dozens of cows were found starved and emaciated, in near-death state. The cows were found spread over the owners’ 40 acres of unkempt land. The grass was sparse and littered with trash and cow dung. There was nothing for the cattle to […]