February 10, 2016

Picture of the Day: Left Out


This is actually why I love dogs, because they will make friends with anything and everyone. This dog and raccoon clearly have a common cause, both seem to want in the house (for different reasons I’m sure), and they’re both willing to look as cute as possible to make it happen. How can you resist? […]

Picture of the Day: Dalmation


This is a momentous meeting, one that is probably confusing both animals tremendously. The owner of these guys seems to have a one track mind. I’m guessing he’s got some Holstein cows around back. Great themed Christmas cards from these people.

Picture of the Day: A Good Reason Not To Leave Your Dog In The Car


Obviously, it’s generally a pretty poor idea to leave a dog in a car for more than a few minutes (and this applies not just to hot weather, but also to cold) for the safety of the dog, but this picture shows another good reason not to do it. You might piss off the dog. […]

Ultra Effective Bike Lock (Gallery)

Bike Lock01

If you’ve ever had a bike in an urban environment, you know it can be a pain keeping it safe. You have to constantly vigilant about locking it properly, and even then that’s sometimes not enough to deter thieves. But here’s a solution that I’m fairly confident will scare off anyone looking to mess with […]

The Sky is Painted Green with Parakeets


There’s been a huge increase in the parakeet population in England recently. Flocks of bright and loud birds are taking over the skies. They zoom past the eyeline as a green blur and disappear into trees. Parakeets used to be exotic in the area but they’ve had a population boom. Now the streets of London […]

Picture of the Day: Guilty


I have a golden retriever who does all the usual golden retrievery things (getting on the counter, treating tissues like they’re heroin, and basically eating everything under the sun), but I honestly can’t say she’s ever done anything as destructive as the photo above. Not really sure what you can do once you reach the […]

13 Hilarious Dog Costumes


(Also: check out 15 Awesome Examples of Creative Dog Grooming!) People love their dogs. And to an extent, this is understandable. After all, for millennia the species canis famliaris has been selectively bred by the species homo sapiens to be the perfect companion—protective, loyal, and affectionate. Along the way, I think a little of this […]

Picture of the Day: A Man And His Pig


Clearly it was a good day for this guy. That’s a look of contentment if I’ve ever seen one. He’s got his pig, some booze, smokes, everything you need really. When you simplify life enough, things get easy. Pig looks pretty damn happy also.

The Creatures Come Out to Play


This is a recently built children’s landscape park in Kiev, Ukraine. The animals in this park… they seem a little strange. They are all the creations of a single sculptor. He just had to get these creatures out of his head. I imagine he worked feverishly. The animals are tiled with thousands of colorful squares […]

Picture of the Day: Sheep Fountain


I grew up in a pretty rural community, but I can’t say I remember seeing sheep using the water fountains at the park. This looks like a deleted scene from Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The best part might be the expression on the baby’s face. That looks […]