February 8, 2016

3D Street & Sidewalk Art (9 Pics)


Illusions are created through tricks of perspective and space in these artworks. You see something that can’t be there even while your eyes fall into another dimension. I hope this street art is seen by many people before it disappears from the face of the earth.

Red Bull Headquarters (8 Pics)


The new Red Bull Amsterdam headquarters is a crazy mixture of art and architecture. Designed and constructed by Sid Lee Architecture, once you enter you might not want to leave. Even the bathrooms feature mosaics that you can marvel at while you relieve yourself. Many rooms are a funhouse of angular prisms and skewed perspective. […]

Mind-Bending Photographs (7 Pics)


These photos don’t follow the rules of reality. The photographers used tricks of perspective to create images that aren’t what they seem. Your eyes are lying to you, but it feels good. Don’t worry, just relax and let yourself see what’s not there.

Urban Knitting (11 Pics)


I don’t know how they do it, but there’s a collective of knitting experts that are putting sweaters on everything. Statues, cars, and trees will stay warm through the winter with their new rags. The urban knitting community is growing as more people learn to knit around any kind of shape. I just hope I […]

Interesting Camping Tents (12 Pics)


Instead of going camping and feeling disappointment when you set up the boring brown tent, try getting more creative. These tents offer many different experiences to add excitement to your trip. And confusion to anyone who comes across a group of people singing inside a giant block of cheese.

Devilish Furniture (15 Pics)


A home decorating in these furnishings would probably be located in one of the layers of hell. These were all crafted by designer Michel Haillard, a man with a mind of horns and animal skin stretched taut. Some pieces are made of crocodile, some of ostrich and a few zebra. Every couch is unique. The […]

10 Awesome Bus Ads


Buses can be so boring. Sometimes I wish every bus could have a unique paint job or at least something other than an ad for Hollywood’s latest excretion. You can imagine the look on my face when I found the buses pictured below. Each one is painted with an advertisement in a creative and inventive […]

Mathematical Tattoos (10 Pics)


How does one become mathematical? These people have such a passion for math that they went beyond solving equations. The numbers are drawn into their skin for life. Tattooed on the neck, arms, legs, hands, fingers. What does x equal? How many Pythagorean theorems can you fit on a naked body? What is the square […]

Painted on Buildings (9 Pics)


Buildings painted onto buildings. They create an optical illusion to make you see a completely different structure. It’s very neat but I wonder how many people end up walking into a brick wall just trying to get a closer look.

Baffling Korean Comic (20 Pics)


This comic makes little to no sense. The artwork is atrocious. It’s offensive. But I still read it all the way through. And apparently it’s viral in Korea. This is the English translated version. See what you make of the insanity and the elastic hip of our protagonist whose name is Johnson and his gender […]