February 9, 2016

$4.5 Billion Gold-Plated Boat

photo by Stuart Hughes

This is a boat worthy of a James Bond chase sequence. The world’s most expensive yacht, a staggering 4.5 billion dollars, is covered in over 200,000 pounds of gold and platinum. The 100-foot-long super yacht came from the mind of UK designer Stuart Hughes. He calls it the “History Supreme”. More than half the boat […]

18-foot Naked Wooden Mermaid


A couple wanted to do something interesting with a dying ash tree in their back yard. Instead of watching it slowly decay and disappear completely, they wanted something that could stand the test of time. So they paid an artist to carve a topless mermaid. She towers 18 feet high, immortalizing the 100-year-old ash tree […]

Wrapped in Buscemi


Now you can wear Steve Buscemi and take him everywhere you go. He will creepily stare at people as you walk by and keep away the weirdos. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to cover their body with Buscemi? As close to lifelike as possible, Steve’s face covers a new dress by designer James Lillis. […]

9 Insane Fingernail Designs

binary code

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. So someone, somewhere loves these fingernail designs even if you think that some or all of them are a bit…much. Some of them demonstrate an impressive attention to detail, some of them demonstrate a creative idea, and others still may demonstrate a fair amount […]

Picasso Art Heist


Like a scene in a movie, a Picasso drawing worth about $200,000 was stolen from the Weinstein Gallery in San Francisco. It was lifted right off the wall during museum hours. But it wasn’t gone for long. Security camera footage at a nearby bar caught the thief on tape as he was hailing a getaway […]

The Vibrating Pen Nib Dress (Video)


Pen Nib Dress from John Nussey on Vimeo. A dress was fashioned out of hundreds of pointy ink pen nibs for a student’s final degree show. The garment was designed and created by technologist John Nussey and Steven Tai, a student of Central St. Martins Womenswear. It took 795 pen nibs to finish the unusual […]

9 Insane LEGO Creations


In 1949, a Danish toy company called LEGO began making a line of interlocking plastic blocks called “Automatic Binding Bricks.” Each block had round plastic studs on top that fit snugly into the completely hollow rectangular undersides of other blocks. A good idea, sure, but it wasn’t LEGO who actually came up with it. In […]

Soviet Superhero Statues


A group of street artists in Sofia, Bulgaria painted over a Soviet monument. The anti-communist group transformed the war memorial into a comic art scene of superheroes. What a paint job, check out all the pictures. Among the classic superheroes are Joker, Superman, Captain America and, of course, Ronald McDonald. I think I can get […]

15 Examples of Mind-Blowing 3D Sidewalk Art


Remember when you were a kid, and you would get your hands on a bucket of that really fat sidewalk chalk? The kids on my block would use it to do really creative stuff like write their names in cursive or draw flowers and hopscotch grids—even though it was the 1980s not the 1940s, and […]

12 Examples of Incredible Crayon Carving


The question isn’t really why people would carve little tiny sculptures out of crayons. For one thing, crayons are cheaper than clay, wood, marble, or any other material one might use for sculpting. For another thing, pretty much any object is fair game—so long as it belongs to you—when it comes to artistic expression. The […]