February 5, 2016

8 Incredibly Bizarre Bras (Gallery)


I think everyone has seen some odd bras in popular culture over the years, but the underwear we’ve seen Madonna and Lady Gaga in are really just the beginning. There are quite a few DIY’ers making bizarre bras that can be found online, and here are eight examples that really have you scratching your head […]

Picture Of The Day: Horny


Everyone knows a guy who knows a guy that got a Chinese character tattoo that ended up meaning “sexy ladyboy” or something ridiculous instead of “Courage” like the recipient wanted, but I’ve never considered if the alternate might be true with English words and tattoos in other parts of the world. Assuming this is legit, […]

The Woman Who Eats Sofas (Gallery)


Pica is a strange disorder that can have people eating anything from their own hair to dirt, but this story is one of the stranger manifestations I’ve ever seen. Adele Edwards, from Bradenton, Florida eats sofas. The stuffing specifically, and she’s made her way through seven couches in the last year. I thought my grocery […]

Nipple Tattoos (Gallery)


People will obsess over absolutely everything to do with their bodies, but this is a new one to me. This guy apparently felt his nipples were a little on the small side. And I suppose they were, but who in their right mind would care? Male nipples are one of the least noticed things on […]

Picture of the Day: Nice View


The worst part of living in apartments or condos is having to live so damn close to your neighbors. I’m all for city living, and it’s worth the occasional annoyance, but you never know when your next door neighbor is going to do something completely batshit and ruin your life for the foreseeable future. This […]

Picture of the Day: Mirrors Are Tricky


Everyone knows that self shots posted on social networks and dating sites are suspect. It’s human nature to only want to display photos that put you in the best light, and so it’s not too surprising when you meet someone and they are a little different from their photos. Anyone who’s shocked by that is […]

Picture of the Day: For The Spitters


I’ve actually heard some people argue that sex education in schools is unnecessary because it’s “all so obvious, who doesn’t know that stuff?”. From now on I’m going to refer them to all the answer sites online, from Yahoo Answers to Answers.com, it seems pretty freaking obvious that there’s a lot of basics that people […]

How Do Women Think This Is A Good Look? (Gallery)


I’m not saying all women do by any means, I think only a very small minority think that these weird giant inflatable monster lips (so often combined with duck lips!) are a good idea, but it’s puzzling. These are clearly very vain women, and at some point they decided that what they really needed was […]

37 Hilariously Bizarre Pictures of Pregnant Women (Gallery)


Pregnancy makes everyone involved a little crazy, and with it being such a vulnerable, life changing, and hormonal time I think some weird judgment calls can get made. And you’ll see those strange judgment calls in this gallery of bizarre pregnancy pictures that women (sometimes with their husbands, sometimes with their other children …. sometimes […]

Picture Of The Day: Makeup Fail


I’m not the kind of guy who likes to lie and tell girls they are perfect how they are and beautiful without makeup. By all means, cake it on if you know what you’re doing! Some of you aren’t going to be hot without it. PICK UP THE TROWEL MISSY! Anyway, take Katy Perry as […]