February 9, 2016

15 Of The World’s Most Crazy Toilets

racist urinal

Everybody needs a toilet. It’s one of life’s basic necessities. That doesn’t mean your toilet has to be boring. Sure, you could go with the basic white porcelain commode—that’s the safe approach. But you use the thing every single day, so why not make things a little more interesting? To give you some ideas for […]

Money Found in Toilet


It’s a mystery how a bunch of money ended up in a toilet of the Australian Channel Nine building. Police found $100,000 hidden in the bowl of a handicap toilet. Security cameras show the unidentified man walking into the bathroom carrying two large bags, but his face is unclear in the footage. Building cleaners found […]

The Toilet Paper Caper


It’s like the old trick when a magician just keeps pulling more and more colored ribbon from his sleeve. Except this time it’s an ordinary man with endless toilet paper coming out his pants. A suspicious man was stopped after leaving Lawrence City Hall in Massachusetts. He was spotted on security cameras taking a case […]

Portable Potty Peeper

photo by Quinn Dombrowski

In Boulder, Colorado, a woman thought she noticed something strange lurking in the reservoir of a portable toilet when she went inside. A bit unsettled, she left and asked a man nearby to check it out. The man went in to investigate and found a person hiding inside the toilet tank covered in a tarp. […]

12 Completely Bizarre Urinals (Gallery)


Bathrooms are generally pretty standard affairs. The variations you see are pretty mundane for the most part. Maybe some places have enclosed stalls, some older venues might have a trough instead of urinals. But for the most part it’s white porcelain, all the way. However, some bars and similar locations get more creative with their […]

Perverted Mannequin Gets Flushed Out


A 22-year-old student was caught disguised as a mannequin and trying to sneak photos of women in a public bathroom. Joel Hardman (get it?), a student of the University of Birmingham, had been spotted lurking into the women’s restroom “dressed like a mannequin with a mask and a wig.” After he was apprehended, he admitted […]