February 10, 2016

Bodysnatching Pandas


A captive-born panda named Little Tao Tao has never seen a human face. The staff are careful not to introduce humans into the environment, since they want Tao Tao to be able to adapt in the wild. So the handlers that take care of him and his mother, Cao Cao, wear panda bear suits at […]

Treat Yourself to Some Bear Bile


A study done in London shows that the bile of a bear may help to treat abnormal heart rhythms. This means it could help to treat victims of heart attacks. If the thought of it isn’t too gross, that is. The compound in the bile is called ursodeoxycholic acid. It’s already known to help reduce […]

Black Bear in a Hot Tub

photo by Paul Flores

Black bears are everywhere in Florida. Their population has been steadily increasing, with an estimated 3,000 of them walking around. With so many curious bears, there’s bound to be some odd run-ins. One family found a massive black bear taking a swim in their hot tub. Jenny Sue Rhoades of Longwood, Florida glanced out the […]