February 10, 2016

Double Uterus Twin Birth


Against all odds, a woman with two uteruses gave birth to a child from each one. 24-year-old Florida resident Andreea Barbosa has a condition that is thought to affect 1 in 2000 women. She has two separate uteruses. She became pregnant in both at the same time, which is even more rare, and gave birth […]

Two-Headed Cow


A farmer came upon a strange sight in his Oklahoma fields of cattle. He was doing a cow head count for the day when he did a double-take. That cow had one two many heads. There was a two-headed calf laying in the grass. It hadn’t been there the day before. The young cow had […]

Pass the Placenta


The doctor calls it bio-hazardous waste. But some people call it lunch. Some mothers are eating their placenta after giving birth. They believe there are health benefits to chowing down on the placenta. Even though there is no real research to back it up. But that’s ok, they’ll keep eatin’, and spreading the word, and putting placenta […]