February 10, 2016

9 Weird Liquors From Around The World

weird liquors from around the world

Despite all of our differences—ethnic, religious, geographical, political—the one thing that binds us human beings together as a species is our need to get drunk. From the dawn of time, almost every culture all over the world has figured out ingenious and (sometimes) tasty ways to make (and ingest) alcoholic beverages. Today, certain methods for […]

Passengers Mutiny on Cruise Ship


The people aboard cruise ship MSC Opera were stranded for three days when the electricity went out. Lights went out, drinking water became scarce and they couldn’t use the toilets. It wasn’t long before the backed-up travelers started getting restless. The passengers gathered and formed a rebellion. They chanted for the captain of the ship […]

Drunken Joyride on a Stolen Lawnmower (Video)

Scag lawn mower

A man in East Lyme, Connecticut decided to grab the keys to a school’s lawnmower and hit the town. The 22-year old told police he had been searching for a place he could sleep on the school grounds. He spotted a trailer and broke inside to look for keys to get inside the school doors. […]

Woman Refused Restroom, Responds by Destroying Store

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 9.42.27 PM

A New York woman rushed into a liquor store intending to use its restroom when she was turned away by the store’s clerk, as she had no intention of making any purchases. The woman proceeded to have an argument with the clerk, who then told her to leave. Angry and lacking any sense of self-control […]