November 29, 2015

Coyotes Claim Home for Their Own


An abandoned home in Glendale, California has been taken over by wild coyotes. The house was burned and nearly destroyed in a fire last year. The coyotes moved in when they saw that nobody was coming back. They decided to make it their new home and have since been running in and out of the […]

San Francisco out of Toothpicks (Video)


Artist Scott Weaver has created an incredible replica of the city of San Francisco entirely out of toothpicks. It only took him 35 years. It’s also a marble run! He thought of everything. He can send ping pong balls rolling through the maze of stick-buildings, streets and alleys. Scott Weaver has been building toothpick structures […]

Nursing Home Pranksters


A couple of California nursing home assistants thought it would be funny to slather dementia patients in slippery oil. So they’d be too slippery for the next shift to handle. Ok, it’s a little funny but only in theory. In reality it’s cruel and kind of sick. They covered seven dementia patients in ointment all […]

Grasshopper Taco Fiesta


A restaurant in California has been banned from serving tacos made with grasshoppers. La Oaxaqueña Bakery and Restaurant offers “home-cooked meals” which include tarantula meat and jumbo grasshopper tacos. However, the grasshoppers were being imported internationally and were not FDA approved. So for now, the crunchy treats will be put on hold until the restaurant can […]

Former Cop Pretends To Be Massage Inspector, Gets Caught

Screen shot 2011-04-05 at 11.01.02 PM

A former police officer has pleaded not guilty in a court in Southern California after he was indicted for showing up at a SoCal-based massage parlor wearing a badge and gun and demanding a free rubdown and money for performing an “inspection” of the business. Edward Justin LaPorte posed as an inspector and got a […]