February 14, 2016

That Camera is Radioactive!


Police are in search of a camera that was stolen from a vehicle in Austin, Texas. They say it is radioactive. The camera is a special type used to detect leaks in pipes. Inside it contains a hazardous radioactive chemical called Iridium 192. They don’t think the burglars know about it. So the next time […]

Monkey See, Monkey Take


Photographer David Slater traveled to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia to snap some pictures. However, he was in for a surprise from a mischievous monkey. A black macaque monkey stole Mr. Slater’s camera and decided to take some pictures of his own. The animal went ape and posed for a bunch of self portraits in the […]

The Great Cow Escape (Video)


Tom Grant couldn’t figure out how his cows were getting out of their enclosure. Every night he would put them inside and close and latch the gate. And every morning he would find them milling around outside. He thought it might be teenagers doing it. Determined to find out, he installed a camera to see […]

Picture of the Day: Mirrors Are Tricky


Everyone knows that self shots posted on social networks and dating sites are suspect. It’s human nature to only want to display photos that put you in the best light, and so it’s not too surprising when you meet someone and they are a little different from their photos. Anyone who’s shocked by that is […]