February 8, 2016

World’s Biggest Limo (8 Pics)


This hybrid limousine truck has everything you need for the best night of your life. It’s called the Midnight Rider, and people that have set foot inside call it a “night club on wheels”. It takes five people to run, including two drivers, a hostess and a couple of bartenders to keep the drinks coming. […]

Giant Slingshot Cannon (Video)


These guys made a huge slingshot that could probably decapitate with ease. It fires 80 mm steel balls at incredible force. The cannon is able to fling them up to 220 yards. It has a 10-foot long barrel and a lot of rubber to create such a force. After testing it out for awhile they […]

Trunk Driving 101


A teacher was involved in what he calls a “prank” on one of his students. Another student shoved the first into the trunk of a car and the teacher sped off. A bystander watched it all go down and called the police. She tried to follow the car but the teacher was speeding up to […]

Driver Shot in Both Legs


A man driving in Tennessee had a handgun hidden under his seat. When he braked for a stoplight, the gun slid out and stopped at his feet. He reached down to pick it up even though it was hard to see. His finger wrapped around the trigger accidentally. The gun fired, a bullet went through […]

The Donkey Drag


Two men in North Carolina are in deep trouble after they dragged a donkey behind their car. Witnesses watched as they attached the animal to their vehicle and pulled it along. At first they had just been trying to get the donkey out of the road so he wasn’t blocking traffic. So they tied ropes […]

8-year-old Drives 100 miles


An eight-year-old boy managed to drive over 100 miles from Mississippi to Livingston Parish. His dad was passed out drunk in the seat next to him. The boy took the wheel of the pick-up truck when his father fell asleep after drinking too much alcohol. His 4-year-old sister was also in the vehicle. The father […]

Frozen Fish on Freeway


Free fish if you like ’em dirty, smelly and cooked on pavement. A truck’s worth of frozen fish toppled out when the 18-wheeler drove into a wall. The driver of the truck had to swerve to avoid hitting the car in front of him. His truck was torn open when the side ran against the […]

Drunk Driver Claims He is God

Kandy Jones

He didn’t make a very compelling case. A man in Pontiac, Michigan was arrested for drunk driving and driving with a suspended license. He was pulled over by police after they caught him barreling down the wrong side of the road. With spit drooling down his chin, the 35-year-old man named Kandy Jones claimed that […]

The Fart that Stopped Traffic


A man in Twinsburg, Ohio caused a traffic jam when he made a bizarre scene in the road. He slammed on the brakes and stopped his car in the middle of a busy road. Then he climbed out of the vehicle and started running around it in a circle, yelling out, “I have to fart!” […]

Chicken Bone Causes 4-Car Pileup


A 22-year-old man threw a KFC chicken bone at one of his friends near a busy highway. A policeman in an unmarked car saw it and stopped abruptly. He braked hard for an emergency stop, but with dense traffic it caused a large accident. Four cars slammed into the back of each other as the […]