February 12, 2016

Old Man Car Chase


A 74-year-old man lead police on a long car chase in Washington. He was reported driving recklessly and swerving on the road. When police caught up and tried to pull him over, the senior citizen floored it and sped off. He later pulled over to the shoulder, but when police approached his car, he waved […]

Trapped by Falling Car Batteries


An employee at the University of Washington was working in a basement and had some unfortunate luck. A cart full of heavy car batteries somehow tipped over onto him. Over 3,000 pounds of battery toppled over on the worker. The man was trapped under the batteries for 15 minutes. He was pinned down like a […]

Just Put the Car in the Van

photo: CEN

How did they do it? Two buddies from Kazakhstan wanted to ship a Mazda 626 to their home country from Germany. Instead of dropping money on a trailer, they crammed it in their van. They got a few others to help them turn the car on its side and load it up into the back […]

Man Strips Naked in the Face of Death

EPSON DSC picture

This guy went out the way he came in. Naked and reckless. A Texas man crashed into another car with his SUV, climbed out on the roof and took his clothes off. In the other vehicle was a driver and two passengers. Nearby witnesses saw the man get out immediately after the wreck and strip […]

Wait Here With My Dead Friend

Jessica Ockman

A mother left her 2-year-old son in her car with the dead body of a friend for over an hour. And it gets stranger. The mother, Jessica Ockman, stopped at a gas station and went in to the restroom. She was discovered unconscious by employees over an hour later. She had apparently passed out and […]

Sick Jump – 4x Roll Multiplier, Eject Bonus


A drunk driver in Wisconsin was speeding and weaving through traffic when she lost control of her vehicle and went over the median. The car launched into the air and crossed over to the opposite lanes. The car then flipped over and rolled four times. It finally lost momentum and landed in someone’s front yard. […]

Man’s Head Severely Impaled and Survives


A man fell asleep while driving in Las Vegas and ran his car onto someone’s front lawn. He hit a chain-link fence and took a metal pole right through the skull. It shot through his windshield and skewered him through the mouth and neck. It stopped inside him, piercing him all the way through and […]

11 Awesome Catapult Videos


Humankind has made tremendous technological advances over the ages, and the results of these advances truly are awe inspiring. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a good air show? But even in our high-tech world, there is still something truly mesmerizing about watching a simple catapult sling a watermelon the length of a football field. […]