February 14, 2016

15 Candidates For Worst Parents Of The Year (Pictures)


Sometimes, after life deals you a particularly rough hand, and things just feel the worst, you wonder how things could have been better. It’s not always the healthiest instinct, but it’s understandable. However, no matter how bad things get, I promise that they could have been worse. If you had been raised by one of […]

Double Uterus Twin Birth


Against all odds, a woman with two uteruses gave birth to a child from each one. 24-year-old Florida resident Andreea Barbosa has a condition that is thought to affect 1 in 2000 women. She has two separate uteruses. She became pregnant in both at the same time, which is even more rare, and gave birth […]

Give an Ear and Hoof Gift


A New Hampshire high school teacher is in deep trouble for leaving severed deer parts at the home of his ex-wife and children. He left an ear and a hoof at the house while returning a bike helmet. The man says it’s all a misunderstanding; he was just trying to give his daughter a present. […]

Picture of the Day: Magneto Was A Portly Child?


I’m just saying, we should all be wary of this kid, because he’s eventually going to snap and try to teach society a lesson. If he moves to an obscure African island we’ve never heard of, it’s time to get worried. I don’t know if our mutants are currently up to the challenge of stopping […]

Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel (Video)


This family’s greyhound did what greyhound’s do, and killed a squirrel, which this little girl subsequently picked up. And, um, played with. All while being videotaped, because CUTE! Some will suggest that this is good parenting, not freaking out about death or being squeamish and what not, but holy god I can’t watch this without […]

Cops Pepper Spray 8 Year Old Boy

Screen shot 2011-04-08 at 4.15.07 AM

Colorado police were called in to subdue an 8-year-old boy, Aidan Elliott, whom school officials say was “out of control” in his elementary school. The boy had allegedly broken a TV and thrown chairs and was trying to use a cart to bust through a door to an office where teachers and students had run […]

37 Hilariously Bizarre Pictures of Pregnant Women (Gallery)


Pregnancy makes everyone involved a little crazy, and with it being such a vulnerable, life changing, and hormonal time I think some weird judgment calls can get made. And you’ll see those strange judgment calls in this gallery of bizarre pregnancy pictures that women (sometimes with their husbands, sometimes with their other children …. sometimes […]