February 14, 2016

A Coke with Your Name On It


Coca-Cola is trying a new campaign with names printed on the label. The personalized bottles come with a new slogan that says “share a coke with (name)”. Common names used on the Cokes include Nick, Josh, Jessica and Luke. I guess they’re thinking people will be more inclined to choose Coke products if it has […]

Coke Bottle Trumpeteer (Video)


A Mexican musician found himself without an instrument right before a show. So he had to improvise. He cut up an empty Coca-Cola bottle and trumpeted through the hollow plastic. He found a way to make this new instrument sound almost the same as an ordinary trumpet. It compliments the music nicely. The only problem […]

Flesh-Eating Cocaine


Recently large amounts of cocaine in New York and Los Angeles were found to be cut with a veterinary drug called Levamisole. It’s responsible for an outbreak of flesh-eating diseases that rot away the skin. The drug is normally used to de-worm animals such as cattle, sheep and pigs. Cocaine tainted with it has caused […]