February 12, 2016

Animal Camouflage (9 Pics)


These animals are masters of disguise in nature. They have evolved mechanisms to hide themselves from predators by using the environment to their advantage. Changing shape and color to trick the eyes of bigger animals who would like nothing more than to eat them.

Hand-Crafted Mushrooms


Abdul Naaim Azaddin, a 48-year-old entrepreneur in Malaysia, is a master craftsman of colorful mushrooms. He makes and sells a variety of shrooms made out of coconut shells and plastic pipes. He sells them along the roadside; as motorists drive by and see his odd creations they can’t help but stop and purchase them. The […]

This Igloo Means Something (Video)


A man named Daniel Guay built a rainbow-colored igloo for his unborn child. He says after he learned his wife was pregnant last fall, it took over his thoughts and dreams. One night he dreamed of a multicolored igloo against the stark white snow. Some might say obsessed by the image, he set out to […]