February 9, 2016

This Jacket Fits into Anything! (8 Pics)


Somehow this puffy green jacket can be stuffed into any container, no matter how small. It must be made of some alien technology or magical molecules. The jacket makers demonstrate the impossible ability by folding it up and shoving it into things like bento boxes, tupperware, coffee cans and medicine bottles. All I can wonder […]

3D Street & Sidewalk Art (9 Pics)


Illusions are created through tricks of perspective and space in these artworks. You see something that can’t be there even while your eyes fall into another dimension. I hope this street art is seen by many people before it disappears from the face of the earth.

Cool Things to Buy (8 Pics)


All of these things are pretty cool. They aren’t useless. You’d like to have them. Maybe you can purchase them if you can find them. Except maybe the tree mansion. But you could build that with enough time and lumber. Everything else you could find in a store somewhere that sells cool things.

9 Cool Product Ideas


You know you need more useless trinkets to place around your home. These are some ideas for cool yet pointless things you might think about buying. They can all be found, but I have no idea what kind of shop they’d be hidden away in.

Animal Camouflage (9 Pics)


These animals are masters of disguise in nature. They have evolved mechanisms to hide themselves from predators by using the environment to their advantage. Changing shape and color to trick the eyes of bigger animals who would like nothing more than to eat them.

Wacky and Creative Ads (7 Pics)


These advertisements use objects and space in creative ways. They catch the eye with interesting compositions and ideas that literally jump out toward you. You might not remember what any of them are actually for, but you’ll certainly remember the ad itself.

Mind-Bending Photographs (7 Pics)


These photos don’t follow the rules of reality. The photographers used tricks of perspective to create images that aren’t what they seem. Your eyes are lying to you, but it feels good. Don’t worry, just relax and let yourself see what’s not there.

Urban Knitting (11 Pics)


I don’t know how they do it, but there’s a collective of knitting experts that are putting sweaters on everything. Statues, cars, and trees will stay warm through the winter with their new rags. The urban knitting community is growing as more people learn to knit around any kind of shape. I just hope I […]

15 Unusual But Awesome Business Cards

awesome business card plastic surgeon boob job

Really good business cards, like great neckties and impressive office toys, are a fantastic way to make a good professional impression. But in this tough economy, and with just about everything going digital these days, the need to make a lasting impression with a unique, creative business card is probably more important than ever. If […]

Man in the Sky (6 Pics)


Human flight has evaded man for decades until now. This guy captures his dreams in the sky as he soars over the world. He’s fashioned a hybrid jetpack with aerodynamic wings. He can fly alongside airplanes and travel the world as Superman would.