February 7, 2016

Homemade Transformer (11 Pics)


This Autobot was handcrafted by a Chinese man whose love for Transformers shows in every detail of workmanship. The glowing blue eyes sit atop an aluminum body that is extremely mobile. And when necessary to complete the mission, it transforms into a fighter plane.

Dead Space 2 Costume (10 Pics)


This Dead Space 2 replica costume of Isaac Clarke’s in-game suit was hand-made by these fans of the title. It took hours of assembling, painting, and attaching to make the wearer into a high-tech space man. Now he can brave the moons of Saturn and fight off whatever monsters come at him. And his head […]

World’s Biggest Limo (8 Pics)


This hybrid limousine truck has everything you need for the best night of your life. It’s called the Midnight Rider, and people that have set foot inside call it a “night club on wheels”. It takes five people to run, including two drivers, a hostess and a couple of bartenders to keep the drinks coming. […]

10 Awesome Bus Ads


Buses can be so boring. Sometimes I wish every bus could have a unique paint job or at least something other than an ad for Hollywood’s latest excretion. You can imagine the look on my face when I found the buses pictured below. Each one is painted with an advertisement in a creative and inventive […]

The Sunken Water Bridge (7 Pics)


The water comes just to the edge of this interesting bridge. It’s located at the Dutch Fort de Roovere. They wanted to let tourists enter the fort and learn of its history, but there was a problem. The giant moat surrounding the fort would prove difficult to cross. Especially if they still keep man-eating crocodiles […]

Painted on Buildings (9 Pics)


Buildings painted onto buildings. They create an optical illusion to make you see a completely different structure. It’s very neat but I wonder how many people end up walking into a brick wall just trying to get a closer look.

Back to the Future (10 Pics)


Argentine photographer Irina Werning calls her series of photos “Back to the Future”. She finds people from old photographs and recreates the picture with how they look in their current age. It’s an interesting way to compare the changes that people go through as they grow older. The age differences vary between subjects. It’s amazing […]

The Most Badass Bike Designs (Gallery)


If you want to ride the streets in style, you have to seek out Russian customizer Yuri Shif. He builds and paints motorcycles into works of art that can fly around at insane speeds. His work never stops, he never sleeps and he’s always coming up with the next crazy design. Many of the bikes […]

The Armless Archer (Video)


Matt Stutzman was born with no arms. For the past two years, he’s been practicing shooting his bow and arrows using his foot and mouth. He decided to take on the Guinness world record for the longest archery shot. He hits a target 230 yards away and breaks the record on his fourth shot. An […]

5-Year-Old Unearths a Fossil


A 5-year-old girl from the UK named Emily Baldry was playing in the dirt, digging around with a shovel. She ended up discovering an ancient fossil 160 million years old. The archaeological find is a fossilized sea creature from the Jurassic period. It has a spiral-shaped shell with spikes sticking out as a defense mechanism. […]