February 8, 2016

Introducing the Sleepbox


A company in Moscow has developed a revolutionary new way to sleep: in a box. They hope these will become the standard for airport waiting areas. Missed and cancelled flights cause many unfortunate and tired circumstances. Now there will be a convenient way to get some shut-eye while waiting for the next flight. The boxes […]

Synchronized Floating (Video)


A four-way float in a vertical wind tunnel. I don’t know how they do it, but it looks cool. The floaters are Havard from team Skywalkers, Raph and Ju from Team4Speed, and Alberto representing team Volare. The footage of this synchronized mid-air dance was filmed at the Skydive Arena in Prague. Now just imagine doing that […]

Mario Made of Paper (Video)


A Super Mario Bros. fan made a recreation of a famous scene in Mario history. Except it’s made out of paper and stop-motion animated. It combines nostalgia with a little something new. Check out the creator, Jeremiah Warren, on Youtube. Source: jeremiahjw

Human Pinball (Video)


This video is a really neat animation. It features humans acting as all the parts to a game of pinball. The video was created by stringing still images together to make a stop-motion type of animation. People are flying around, bumping, dinging, ringing, bleeping and blooping. And it has a happy ending. It was played […]

Double Meteor Shower

Photo by Siddhartha Saha, Your Shot

If one meteor shower is cool, then two meteor showers is super cool. The Perseid meteor shower is just getting started with its peak occurring on August 12. This happens every year at about the same time. But this year there will be even more lights shooting through the sky as the Delta Aquarid meteor […]

Crystal Caves


An astounding network of crystal caves was found by two miners in search of lead in Mexico. The caves run underneath the city of Naica. Giant crystal formations fill the caves, shooting every which way from the floor, walls and ceiling. Some of the crystals extend up to 11 meters long. Scientists are trying to […]

11 Unique and Interesting Coffee Tables


Here’s a little tip for all the young ladies out there who maybe are looking for a mature young man good enough to bring home to mom and dad: you can tell a lot about a guy from his furniture. Now, I’m not talking about things like, “is his credenza made of oak or mahogany?” […]