February 14, 2016

9 Most Insane Black Friday Riots and Stampedes

balloon prize drop

Well, Thanksgiving is finally here, and you know what that means: tomorrow is Black Friday. Now, we all know that, officially, the day gets its name from the idea that this is the day retailers go from being “in the red” to being “in the black”—meaning it’s the day stores start to turn a profit. […]

Juggalo Roundup (Gallery)


Guess who just got declared an official gang by the FBI? Who else but the Juggalos. Responsible for everyone’s favorite scene, the one with music blasting in the middle of nowhere in a muddy field with scary clowns. The Juggalos attend their annual festival for a rowdy time filled with sugary drinks and near-death encounters. […]

15 Cracked Out Subway Riders

cracked out subway riders

In densely populated urban areas, the subway is a great way to get around. It may not be the coolest mode of transportation, but it’s fast, it’s accessible and, most importantly, it’s cheap. Also, it’s better than riding a bike. Unfortunately, what’s convenient and affordable for young urban professionals going to work on a Tuesday, […]

Unidentified Naked Man


An unsuspecting newspaper delivery woman was walking on her route when she was startled by an unidentified naked man. The nude man leaped out from behind a bush and began screaming obscenities at her. He was also touching himself inappropriately and jumping around like a crazy person. He ran away before the police could arrest […]

Dump on a Dead Hedgehog


A man was arrested after defecating onto a dead hedgehog. Just as he was squatting over it with his pants around his ankles, a police officer drove by and saw him. When the officer asked him why he did it, the response was, “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.” There were a […]

Freestyle Train Surfing (Video)


A couple of daredevils in India are hanging on the sides of trains for fun. They’re not even holding on very tightly. Instead they hop around, slapping poles and objects that whiz by their heads. There are moments where they narrowly dodge getting hit. Always with a smile and a freestyle attitude. Watch the video […]

9 Of The World’s Worst Dictators


No matter how bad you think much of the Western world’s democratically elected leaders are, it could be way, way worse. As this list demonstrates, the world is peppered with many leaders who quite literally do as they please, controlling the military and media to such an extent that there is very little accountability. These […]

Giant Slingshot Cannon (Video)


These guys made a huge slingshot that could probably decapitate with ease. It fires 80 mm steel balls at incredible force. The cannon is able to fling them up to 220 yards. It has a 10-foot long barrel and a lot of rubber to create such a force. After testing it out for awhile they […]

The Smelly Suspect


A man in Florida was arrested for trespassing at a park he was banned from. Well, police tried to arrest him, but they ran into a problem. The man refused to put his hands behind his back. He pulled away when the officer tried to grab his arm. Then the officer threatened to use his taser. […]

Captain Save-A-Ho


A man in Iowa City who has vowed to protect women calls himself Captain Save-A-Ho. Unsurprisingly, he was arrested. The Captain was reported to the police after he was seen harassing and shouting at people at a shopping mall. He smelled strongly of alcohol and looked like he hadn’t bathed in days. He admitted to drinking but […]