February 11, 2016

Flight Attendant Fashion Through The Years (Gallery)


The Museum of Flight in Seattle is currently running an exhibition called “Style in the Aisle”, a look back at flight attendant fashion through the years. Stewardess uniforms have generally reflected the mood of the times, and the colors and design from previous decades are awesome to see. You can clearly tell why flight attendant […]

Beautiful Leningrad Zoo Concept (Gallery)


The French architectural firm Beckmann N’Thépé and TN Plus recently won a design competition to build their zoo concept in St. Petersburg. The designers have envisioned a series of six islands, each representing a different continent. These images are concept drawings, but show how beautiful and modern the new zoo will look. The Leningrad zoo […]

Picture of the Day: The Internet As Art


I always get a kick out of memes ending up as art. It’s not a new idea, but when executed well it’s always enjoyable. The t-shirt/frame idea above is slick, and I’d definitely hang it in my bathroom. The wanna be entrepreneur in me thinks a series of youtube “still” t-shirts in faux painting style […]

Incredible Pirate Ship Bedroom (Gallery)


Designer Steve Kuhl of Kuhl Design is looking like the father of the year after building his son an awe inspiring pirate themed bedroom. The room has everything you’d expect with this motif, including a pirate ship hull/clubhouse, a rope bridge to access the hull, nautical accoutrements, a crow’s nest, and best of all a […]

Picture of the Day: Lunchbox


Everyone is into being thrifty these days with the tough economy, and that obviously calls for taking your lunch to work. But who needs a boring brown bag when the opportunity exists to get a little creative? You could get an old school lunch box, or make something of your own, or you could get […]

Living Stylishly In A Storage Unit (Gallery)


In tough economic times people have to make tough choices when it comes to housing and bills. Often this can mean downsizing your living situation, or even moving back in with parents or relatives. This guy shows however, that even a tiny space can be an efficient and well designed place to live. Design so […]