February 7, 2016

Picture of the Day: A Super Talented Dog


It’s the golden retriever version of Johnny Bench! I actually have a golden retriever and she’ll often hold a ball in her mouth while looking sadly at a second ball trying to figure out how to get both of them at the same time. Apparently she needs to hang out with this dog to learn […]

Picture of the Day: A Good Reason Not To Leave Your Dog In The Car


Obviously, it’s generally a pretty poor idea to leave a dog in a car for more than a few minutes (and this applies not just to hot weather, but also to cold) for the safety of the dog, but this picture shows another good reason not to do it. You might piss off the dog. […]

Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel (Video)


This family’s greyhound did what greyhound’s do, and killed a squirrel, which this little girl subsequently picked up. And, um, played with. All while being videotaped, because CUTE! Some will suggest that this is good parenting, not freaking out about death or being squeamish and what not, but holy god I can’t watch this without […]

12 Badass Dogs of War


With the execution/assassination of bin Laden dominating the news, rumors have surfaced that a dog was part of the team sent in to dispatch the world most wanted terrorist. No government officials have confirmed or denied this, but it remains a possibility. If a canine was involved in the operation, it could have served several […]

Picture of the Day: Guilty


I have a golden retriever who does all the usual golden retrievery things (getting on the counter, treating tissues like they’re heroin, and basically eating everything under the sun), but I honestly can’t say she’s ever done anything as destructive as the photo above. Not really sure what you can do once you reach the […]

13 Hilarious Dog Costumes


(Also: check out 15 Awesome Examples of Creative Dog Grooming!) People love their dogs. And to an extent, this is understandable. After all, for millennia the species canis famliaris has been selectively bred by the species homo sapiens to be the perfect companion—protective, loyal, and affectionate. Along the way, I think a little of this […]

Picture of the Day: Your Dog Will Love This


Dogs love sticking their heads out of moving cars more than I think I love anything in life, so naturally someone had the thought back in 1936 to just put the entire dog outside of the car. In a sack. Now granted, perhaps cars were moving a little slower then, but it doesn’t seem like […]

America’s Toughest Sheriff Takes on Bestiality

Screen shot 2011-03-22 at 12.44.08 AM

Joe Arpaio, the man who calls himself America’s Toughest Sheriff–notorious for his treatment of illegal immigrants (and hispanics in general) has taken a stance against the crime of bestiality, which is said to be a problem in his native state of Arizona. He has since arrested two men, one of whom is an elementary school […]

Tibetan Mastiff’s and 11 Other Insanely Huge Dog Breeds


Man’s Best Friend comes in all shapes and sizes. But without a doubt the coolest dogs are the giants, the ones so big you have no choice but to turn your head and stare when you see one passing on the street. So let’s celebrate the awesomeness of humongous dogs by having a look at […]

12 Insane Animal Stories That Are Completely True


Nature: when it’s not trying to kill us with tornadoes, fires, mudslides, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, it can really captivate us with its crazy animals. Below are 12 insane stories about nature’s creatures that are totally, 100% true. So sit back and enjoy—just don’t take your guard down, because that’s precisely when nature likes to […]